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  • Topcon - SL-2ED

    The Topcon SL-2ED Slit Lamp is a compact instrument with converging binocular and parallel Galillean type three position magnification changer, halogen illumination and continuously variable slit height of 14mm to make the Topcon SL2ED a fine combination of quality and economy, Unit model: 360mm X 350mm, 18kg.



    Side shift, mm (RANGE OF MOTION) 100
    Depth shift, mm (RANGE OF MOTION) 90
    Height shift, mm (RANGE OF MOTION) 30
    Fine movement by joystick,mm (RANGE OF MOTION) 15
    Chin-rest height adjustment, mm (RANGE OF MOTION) 80
    WEIGHT, kg (lb) (DISPLAY) 19(41.8)
    Fixation light (ADDITIONAL ATTACHMENTS) Yes
    Photographic capability (ADDITIONAL ATTACHMENTS) Yes
    OPTIONS Hruby lens, tono- meter, video obser- vation tube
    Slit width, mm (LIGHTING SYSTEM) 0-14
    Slit length, mm (LIGHTING SYSTEM) 1-14
    Alternative diaphragm sizes,mm (LIGHTING SYSTEM) 0.5,3,14
    Turning angle, deg. (LIGHTING SYSTEM) 0-180
    Light source (bulb) (LIGHTING SYSTEM) 6V, 20 W
    Available filters (LIGHTING SYSTEM) Cobalt blue, red- free, heat absorp- tion; built-in
    POWER NEEDED, VAC (ENERGY) 100,120,220,240; 50/60 Hz
    Microscope specifications (MICROSCOPE) Binocular, Galileanconverging
    Eyepieces (OCCULARS) 12.5x
    Maximum magnification (MICROSCOPE) 10x, 16x, 25.6x
    Visual field,mm (MICROSCOPE) 8.8,14,22.5
    Magnification changing system (MICROSCOPE) Mechanical discrete system3-step drum rotation
    Pupillary distance, mm (MICROSCOPE) 55-75
    Diopter adjustment range, diopters (MICROSCOPE) -5to +3
    MARKETING REGION (Interference compensation) Europe, Japan, USA

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  • Dexter - SL-TN-17

    Slit Lamp Haag Streit  type With Aluminium Base ISO CE Certified Product 

    Model : DRON -2SX


    Image processing, such as measurement, note,merge,magnify,bright adjust, color Adjust


    1.    High resolution digital imaging

    2.    Easy to operate

    3.  German Optics

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