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  • Karl Storz - 11101 VN

    Karl Storz 11101VN



    Strobo video Rhino-Laryngoscope 11101 VPS/11101 VNS with significantly higher light intensity, specially developed for stroboscopy


    11101 VNS

    *Strobo video Rhino-Laryngoscope, NTSC

    *direction of view 0

    *angle of 85

    *deflection up/down  140 grades/140 grades 

    *outer diameter 3.7 mm

    *working lenght 30 cm, 

    * CCD Video Rhino-Laryngoscope, NTSC, for use with IMAGE1 TELECAM SL II, TELECAM DXII, TELE PACK and TELEPACK X


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  • Stryker tower - 1288 HD video laparoscopy

    Stryker 1288 HD Video Endoscopy Tower System Features

    The Stryker 1288 HD Endoscopy Tower System offers facilities a simple, high-quality solution for all of their endoscopic imaging needs. Each component — camera, light source, monitor and insufflator — fits conveniently into the mobile cart for maximum portability.





    • Stryker 1288 HD 3-Chip Endoscopic Camera:
      Crisp, 1920x1080p resolution with nine specialty settings for optimum visibility. Complete with four fully-programmable camera head buttons, touchscreen LCD interface and wireless transmission capabilities.
    • Stryker L900 Light Source:
      Bright 300-watt xenon elliptical bulb delivers accurate, detailed, state-of-the-art imaging. When used with the Stryker 1288 HD 3-Chip Endoscopic Camera, the light source allows clinicians to capture high-definition video during any procedure.
    • Stryker PneumosureXL Insufflator:
      Superior performance with unprecedented safety and reliability. Maintains pneumoperitonium under the most extreme conditions with a multitude of safety features.
    • Each tower includes a high-definition video monitor and a mobile cart for easy transport throughout your facility.


    Stryker 1288 HD Video Endoscopy Tower System Specifications


    Stryker 1288 HD 3-Chip Endoscopic Camera

    • Digital/Analog: Two Digital Video Interface (DVI)/RGBHV | 1280 x 1024 (HD), 720p, 1080p, (HDTV) format
    • Enhancement: 16 levels (switchable)
    • Imaging System: 1/3” Progressive Scan CCDs, high definition

    Stryker L900 Light Light Source

    • Bulb Type: 300 Watt Xenon (elliptical)
    • Bulb Life: Approx. 500 hours
    • Weight: 16.0 lbs (7.3 kg)
    • Electric: 100 - 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 450 W | 220 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 450 W

    Stryker PneumosureXL Insufflator:

    • Power Supply Input: 100-240 Vac; 3.5A
    • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
    • Weight: 19.84 lbs (8.9 kg)

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  • Stryker - 40L Insufflator

    Stryker's 40-liter insufflator maintains pneumoperitoneum under extreme conditions for reliability during all laparoscopic procedures.


    Stryker’s 40-liter insufflator combines exceptional performance and safety. The insufflator is designed to handle the needs of today's dynamic surgical environment. Its ability to maintain pneumoperitoneum under the most extreme conditions for reliability during all laparoscopic procedures. In neonatal mode it offers increased sensitivity for pediatric patients.      
    As an accessory, the Ultra Flow version of the Plume-Away Lap S.E.S provides continuous removal of smoke produced by electrocautery, laser and ultrasonic surgical devices during laparoscopic procedures.

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  • Stryker - Core Console

    Stryker Core Console Features

    The Stryker CORE Console is an integrated, comprehensive group of surgical power tools developed for the fine tolerances of small bone specialties. This system combines speed, power, balance, and simplicity to deliver specialty-driven handpieces for optimal performance.


    • Specialty driven instruments with increased power for precision cutting with complete OR standardization
    • The CORE Console provides a central control environment for powered instruments in the operating room
    • A wide variety of Surgical Drills, Saws, Burs, and Microdebriders
    • Operates two handpieces simultaneously
    • Integrated irrigation pump
    • Enhanced flow-rate control
    • Intuitive color touchscreen display
    • The new user interface (GUI)
    • Fully customizable user preferences
    • Easily accessible user favorites button
    • On-screen Help


    Stryker Core Console Specifications



    • Width:12.5 in. [317.5 mm]
    • Height: 5 in. [127 mm]
    • Depth: 17 in. [431.8 mm]
    • Weight: 20 lbs. [ 9.1 kg]

    Power Supply

    • Input voltage: 100-120 V ~, 50-60 Hz, 6.0 A
    • 230 V ~, 50 Hz, 3.0 A

    Display / Color Touch Screen

    • Height: 3.19 in. (8.1 cm)
    • Width: 5.67 in. (14.4 cm)
    • Wide 65° minimum viewing angle
    • 6.5 inch diagonal active LCD
    • Resolution: 800 (horizontal) x 480 (vertical)
    • 16:9 aspect ratio
    • 16-bit color

    Volume Adjustment

    • I0 dBA to 81 dBA

    Environmental Conditions

    • Temperature: Operation 10- 40°C
    • TTemperature: Storage and Transportation -20- 40°C
    • TRelative Humidity: Operation 20-75%
    • TRelative Humidity: Starage and Transportation 10-75%
    • TAtmospheric Pressure: Operation 700- 1060 hPa
    • TAtmospheric Pressure: Storage and Transportation 500- 1060 hPa

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  • Olympus - Exera 180 complete system

    Procesador de vídeo Olympus CV-180

    Sistema completo Olympus 180 CV

    • Equipado con la capacidad de alta resolución de la proyección de imagen de HDTV para asegurar la mejor calidad posible de la fotografía para la endoscopia y la laparoscopia.
    • Compatible con EVIS serie 100/130/40 y EVIS EXERA ™ 160 alcances de la serie, así como Broncoscopios y endoscopios quirúrgicos.
    • Banda estrecha de imágenes ™ (NBI) para mejorar la visibilidad de los capilares finos y los tejidos de la mucosa en el tracto gastrointestinal.
    • Se dispone de dos tipos de realce de estructura: el tipo a original para la observación de tejidos mucosos más grandes con alto contraste y el nuevo tipo B para la observación de tejidos más pequeños, como los capilares.
    • La ampliación electrónica amplía las imágenes móviles o fijas con sólo pulsar un botón de 1,2 x o 1,5 x sin pérdida de calidad.

    El sistema promedio Olympus CV 180 tiene:

    • Procesador Olympus CV-180
    • Coleta CLV-180 fuente de luz del xenón
    • Video-Colonoscope de la serie 180
    • Video de 180 series-gastroscopio
    • Monitor de alta resolución
    • Carrito de endoscopia

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  • Stryker - Formula Shaver





    Arthroscopy Shavers

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  • Karl Storz - Image 1

    Product Description


    • High-Defination (Full HD)
    • Resolution: 1920*1080 with Progressive Scan
    • The unique ombination of ease of use, excellent
    • image quality.
    • Maximum Patient's Safety.

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  • Stryker - L9000

    Stryker L9000 Light Source Specifications


    The L9000 LED Light Source reduces hazardous environmental waste by preventing frequent changes of light bulbs.

    As an added benefit, the optional Safelight technology ensures that the light source goes into standby mode when the Safelight cable detaches from the scope. This feature will reduce the risk of injury to the patient and OR staff.

    This LED light source is a great solution when used with the 1288 HD 3-Chip Camera as the light output settings are completely controllable from the camera head. Overall lower operating cost and increased safety make this device a sure winner in the OR.



    • Safelight technology for increased patient and OR safety
    • Remotely controllable from 1288 HD 3-Chip Camera Head
    • Cost savings
    • Eco-friendly

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  • Covidien McGRATH MAC - McGRATH MAC

    Covidien McGRATH MAC

    The Covidien McGRATH® MAC can be used as a direct or indirect view laryngoscope. It utilizes all new single-use McGRATH® MAC blades made from robust optical polymer. It’s supported by an internal reinforced alloy chassis and CameraStick™ which delivers ‘steel-like’ rigidity. Its super-slim blade profile brings improved patient access and limits dental contact. Its unique, minute-by-minute countdown battery technology can last for weeks.


    • Easy to clean: The screen and handle are fully immersible for high-level disinfection, and compatible with the latest vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization systems.
    • Slim Blade: The slim blade profile provides improved patient access. Blades are packaged sterile and are disposable.
    • Portable: The compact, cable-free device is ready when you need it.
    • Durable: Drop-tested to 2 meters, the core of the McGRATH® MAC enhanced direct laryngoscope is reinforced with a steel alloy chassis.
    • Cost-effective: The surprisingly affordable system and blades make the McGRATH® MAC enhanced direct laryngoscope as accessible as your conventional laryngoscope, with the flexibility of video laryngoscopy.


    Covidien McGRATH MAC Specifications


    Physical Specifications

    • Size: 180mm x 68mm x 110mm
    • Weight: 200g
    • Power: Proprietary 3.6V Lithium Battery Pack (c. 250 minutes)
    • Light source: High intensity LED
    • Display: 2.5” LCD color display
    • Camera: CMOS
    • Materials: Durable medical grade thermoplastics with reinforced structural alloy core.
    • The device and packaging are latex free

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  • Stryker - PneumoSure XL

    Stryker’s 45L PneumoSure insuffla and reliability. This new insufflator surgical environment and includes The 45L PneumoSure insufflator o during a procedure. Its ability to ma conditions, coupled with a fully inte with the Stryker 45L PneumoSure • Intuitive touch screen controls w • Real time pressure measureme • CO2 flow rate from 3-45 litres pe • Multiple specialty modes • Optional gas heating function • Spring loaded tube set connecti • Bariatric, Pediatric and vessel h ator ator provides exceptional performance wit is designed to handle the needs of today 2 additional modes for Bariatrics and Ve offers real time pressure sensing for increa aintain pneumoperitoneum under the mos egrated color touch screen, allow for incre insufflator.

    • Intuitive touch screen controls w

    • Real time pressure measureme

    • CO2 flow rate from 3-45 litres pe

    • Multiple specialty modes

    • Optional gas heating function

    • Spring loaded tube set connecti

    • Bariatric, Pediatric and vessel h ator ator provides exceptional performance wit is designed to handle the needs of today 2 additional modes for Bariatrics and Ve offers real time pressure sensing for increa aintain pneumoperitoneum under the mos egrated color touch screen, allow for incre insufflator. with flow, pressure, volume and cylinder s nt capabilities (RTP) er minute on arvesting modes th enhanced safety y’s dynamic ssel Harvesting. ased accuracy st extreme eased ease of use status display

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  • Arthrocare - Quantum 2

    The Coblation System

    ogether with our Multi-Electrode ArthroWand ™ instruments, the controller creates a large and easy-to-react plasma plasm for fast ablation. The Quantum 2 system offers a unique combination of features designed to ensure smooth operation.       
    This is how Quantum Coblation works - low-temperature plasma excision Quantum Coblation is a controlled, non-heat-driven process. Bipolar radiofrequency energy is directed to a conductive medium (usually a saline solution) to produce a precisely focused, charged plasma field. The plasma field has enough energy to break up the molecular moieties in the tissue. The fabric is dissolved at relatively low temperatures (40 ° -70 ° C). Because RF current does not flow directly through the tissue during the cobalt process, tissue heating is minimal. The result is a volumetric ablation of the target tissue with minimal damage to surrounding, healthy tissue.



    • Multi-Electrode Technology
    • Temperature Feedback
    • Adjustable Coagulation
    • Integrated TOPAZ timer
    • Hand Control Capability
    • Wireless Footswitch
    • Automatic Scope Saver

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  • Stryker - SDC3

    Stryker SDC3 Features

    The Stryker SDC3 is a capture device. User Profiles allows the Stryker SDC3 and all its features to be configured to an individual surgeon with the press of a single button. During the procedure, the SDC3 provides unique abilities to the surgeon and staff, such as an integrated surgical time out, on-screen device status, device control, voice control and dual channel capturing. At the completion of the procedure, the SDC3 offers the user a variety of methods to manage the captured data, ranging from removable media to HIS integration to iPad functionality. The SDC3 provides a full-featured information management solution for both the mobile cart and integrated OR.


    • The SDC3, Stryker’s innovative and intuitive data management solution, is capable of storing up to 1 terabyte or 500 cases of patient information.
    • With HD dual channel recording options, the SDC3 can be used to record native HD video from two video sources, becoming an effective training tool.
    • Immediately after capture, surgeons can annotate images on-the-fly via voice or from the 1488 camera head.
    • At the start of each procedure, a customized surgical time out can be displayed on the monitors, allowing for an electronic copy of the surgical time out to be stored in the patient’s file.
    • With the SCD3, managers and staff can control devices through a variety of options, including the SDC3 touchscreen, SPI3 touchscreen, wireless remote control, wireless headset, or the 1488 Camera Head.
    • The SDC3 integrates directly with the Studio3+ iPad app, which is designed to increase workflow efficiency by allowing surgeons to go directly from the OR to the patient’s family.


    Stryker SDC3 Specifications


    HD Recording

    • Dual channel HD recording in native resolution
    • Record 1080p in MPEG4/H.264, the HD video standard
    • Picture-in-picture or picture-by-picture recording

    User Profiles

    • Customize user profile settings:
    • Prints per page, custom annotations, etc.
    • Icon driven user interface
    • Secure login by user

    On-Screen Device Status

    • Display status of surgical devices on all monitors: Insufflator, Shaver, Camera, Light Source, etc.
    • Tailor which devices are displayed
    • View custom surgical time out on all monitors

    Data Management

    • Import & front load patient data
    • Internal archive for up to 500 cases
    • Seamlessly store & edit using Studio3
    • Save to USB, CD/DVD, Blu-ray, Network, or Studio

    Device and Voice Control

    • Allows surgeons to annotate of the fly from the 1488 camera head, wireless headset, or wireless remote control.

    iPad Functionality

    • Stryker’s Studio3+ Application enables surgeons to archive surgical media in a secure location and also the ability to share with patients and referring physicians.

    Dual Channel

    • Record two video signals independently or simultaneously.

    MPEG4 (H.264) Encoding

    • Enables high-quality 1080p video to be stored using minimal space.

    1TB Hard Drive

    • Store up to 500 cases in the internal archive.

    Studio3 Integration

    • Direct integration with Studio3 provides the ability to Archive, Edit, and Share surgical media, while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

    Wireless Network Connectivity

    • Wirelessly integrate with hospital networks, such as Studio3, PACS and EMRs.

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  • Stryker - SDCUltra

    Stryker SDCUltra Features

    The Stryker SDCUltra is an all-in-one medical imaging information management system that allows for patient scheduling, video capture and storage, DVD burning and more. The Stryker SDC Ultra archives surgical images and videos on its generous 250-gigabyte internal hard drive.

    This system also allows for the recording of all surgical footage in the crisp, high-definition video. Through dual-channel input support, the SDC Ultra can capture images and video independently on two separate video channels, in synchronized mode, or in PIP-format.

    • Dual-rotation integrated touchscreen
    • Front-load patient scheduling
    • Full integration with PACS and hospital network
    • Easily customizable annotations (by specialty and procedure)
    • An intuitive, easy-to-use graphic interface
    • Hepa filter 0.2 air filter (replaceable)
    • Circulates hot air after the sterilization cycle for fast drying.


    Stryker SDC Ultra Specifications


    • Height: 7 in
    • Width: 12.5 in
    • Depth: 16.2 in

    Environmental Specifications

    • Operating Temperature: 10 – 40°C
    • Operating Humidity: 30-75% RH
    • Shipping Temperature: -20°-60°C
    • Shipping Humidity: 10-85% RH

    Video Inputs

    • Inputs: (1) S-Video, (1) Composite, (2) DVI, (2) RGBHV (via DVI-I connectors)

    Image Resolution

    • NTSC: 720 x480
    • PAL: 768 x 576
    • XGA: 1024 x 768
    • SXGA: 1280 x 1024

    Video Resolution

    • MPEG1:352 x 240
    • MPEG2: 720 x 480
    • MPEG2 HD: 1280 x 720 , 1280 x 1024

    Digital Recording Formats

    • CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R (single session), DVD+RW

    Power Consumption

    • 115-230VAC ~ 50/60Hz, 4A/2A maximum

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  • Stryker - Serfas Energy

    RF Generator+Foot Swicht


    Product Description and Intended Use The Stryker SERFAS Energy System is a bipolar, radio-frequency (RF) electrosurgical system designed to deliver a high frequency output for use in arthroscopic and orthopedic procedures. The SERFAS Energy System consists of three main components: 1. The SERFAS Energy Generator 2. The disposable, single-use SERFAS Energy Probe 3. The SERFAS Energy Footswitch The SERFAS Energy Generator The SERFAS Energy Generator is the radio-frequency energy delivering unit, designed to deliver a high-frequency output to the treatment site to perform electrosurgical procedures. The front console panel features controls for adjusting the CUT mode power outputs and provides visual cues for CUT power levels, CUT and COAG activation, connection of Probe and Footswitch, and error code warnings. The rear console panel provides ports for connecting the SERFAS Energy Generator to other Stryker equipment, including Sidne™ and future Stryker firewire compatible devices. The features of the front and rear console panels are listed in Figures 1a and 1b. Figure 1a: The SERFAS Energy Generator, front panel 1. Power Switch: Powers the Generator on and off 2. Error Indicator: A red indicator will illuminate to indicate an error. (See error code on Cut Set Point Display Window for determining type of error) 3. Coagulation Activation Indicator: A blue indicator will illuminate when RF energy is delivered due to the COAG pedal/button being pressed 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 EN-8 4. Cut Activation Indicator: A yellow indicator will illuminate when RF energy is delivered due to the CUT pedal/button being pressed 5. Cut Set Point Display Window: Displays Cut power level setting and error codes 6. Cut Output Level Change: Increase or decrease the energy delivered during the Cut mode 7. Probe Indicator: Indicator will illuminate upon proper connection of Probe to Generator 8. Footswitch Indicator: Indicator will illuminate upon proper connection of Footswitch to Generator 9. Footswitch Connector: Connects to the SERFAS Energy Footswitch 10. Probe Connector: Connects to the SERFAS Energy Probes Figure 1b: The SERFAS Energy Generator, rear panel 11. Sidne Port: Connects to the Sidne Console to enable voice operation 12. Hand Control Switch: Users who prefer not to use the hand control feature may deactivate this functionality by switching the hand control switch to the Off position 13. Firewire Connectors (Refer to iSwitch Operating and Maintenance Manual P/N 1000-400-700 for instructions for operating the Wireless Universal Footswitch with the SERFAS Energy Generator and the appropriate manuals for other Firewire devices) 14. Speaker Volume Control 15. Fuse Panel 16. AC Power Inlet 17. Equipotential Ground Plug

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  • Olympus - UHI-3 insufflator

    Olympus Insufflation Unit (UHI-3) Features



    Clear interior space for clear-thinking procedures. When the UHI-3 is connected to the SonoSurg Ultrasonic Surgical System, mist evacuation begins simultaneously with ultrasonic output. Just press the foot switch (optional) of the SonoSurg generator and smoke and mist will be evacuated, so you can keep your clear view during surgery. Better views and more ergonomic reduces stress in the OR and improves the quality, safety and speed of each procedure



    Powerful 35 L/min. Insufflations

    • The UHI-3 features a powerful 35 L/min. high flow gas-supply. It can quickly respond to gas leakages to return to the preset pressure level.

    Automatic relief

    • When abdominal pressure becomes too high, a warning lamp and an alarm are activated, and a pinch valve on the suction tube opens automatically to release excess pressure.

    3 Main Flow Settings

    • You can quickly set flow rate to programmed Low, Medium or High mode

    Check Critical Data at a Glance

    • Actual and preset pressures are displayed simultaneously. You can easily monitor necessary information, while remaining focused on what you are doing.

    Connectable to Medical Gas Pipeline

    • The UHI-3 unique pressure control mechanism let you connect it to your hospital medical gas pipeline, eliminating the need for handling heavy, inconvenient gas cylinders.

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  • Olympus - UHI-4 insufflator

    Insufflation 45L


    Intra-abdominal Insufflation Unit (UHI-4)

    The Olympus UHI-4 Intra-abdominal Insufflation Unit is designed for insufflation of the abdominal cavity for diagnostic and operative laparoscopy. It works in conjunction with the THUNDERBEAT platform to eliminate smoke and mist. Its adjustable smoke evacuation features high, low, and off settings as well as a small cavity mode for endoscopic vessel harvesting procedures. Insufflation quickly responds to gas leaks, allowing the surgeon to remain focused on the operative site.

    Key Benefits

    • High Speed Insufflation: The UHI-4 offers an increased maximum flow rate of 45L/min, which provides the highest insufflation rate in the market.
    • Automatic and adjustable setting: The UHI-4 allows automatic smoke evacuation and high-speed insufflation that can be adjusted to high, low, or off settings.
    • Small cavity mode: The UHI-4 features a small cavity mode for endoscopic vessel harvesting.
    • New Cylinder Hose with Switch-over Valve: With the CO2 switch-over valve, surgeons can freely switch CO2 tanks wihtout interrupting long procedures.

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  • Stryker - Wise HD TV SURGICAL

    Stryker continues to lead the way in visualization technology with the WiSe Wireless Platform. Using wireless technology backed by the consumer market, Stryker’s WiSe Platform provides the surgeon and staff increased freedom in the OR over wired solutions. This is done by wirelessly transmitting the camera image to up to three WiSe HDTV surgical displays, receivers, or any combination of the two—all through one transmitter.


    By eliminating the DVI cable previously needed to connect the camera to the monitors, clutter is significantly reduced in the OR while still providing image transmission via a secured wireless connection with no perceptible image loss or delay. With the WiSe Platform, hospitals can easily integrate an OR with HD video overnight. The WiSe HDTV Surgical Display is available in a 19” or 26” monitor size.


    Features & Benefits

    • Wireless 1080p HDTV resolution
    • Increased freedom over wired solutions
    • Elimination of DVI cables
    • Transmit from 1 transmitter to 3 displays
    • Also available in 19” for clinics and retrofits

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  • Stryker - X8000

    Stryker X8000 - 300 Watt Xenon Light Source Features


    For enhanced surgical visualization, the Stryker X8000 Light Source complements the Stryker 1188 HD 3-Chip Camera by enhancing its picture with clean, pure light. This maximizes the ability of Stryker’s high-definition video equipment to capture the most brilliant and detailed visualization possible for today’s surgical procedures. 
    The X8000’s powerful bulb, convenient operations, safety features and unique Align-Lock technology are some of the many outstanding benefits:


    • 300-watt xenon elliptical bulb
    • Interface with visible LCD screen
    • Pure, clean light
    • Align-Lock
    • Single-handed insertion
    • Electronic Scope Sensing Technology


    Stryker X8000 - 300 Watt Xenon Light SourceSpecifications



    • Size: H 4.75" (12.1cm) x W 12.5" (31.8cm) x 16.8" (42.7cm)
    • Weight: 16.0 lbs (7.3kg)


    • TempPrimary: 100 – 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 450 W, 220 – 240VAC, 50/60 Hz, 450 W
    • Fuses (2): 5.0A, 250V


    • Type: 300 Watt Xenon (Elliptical)
    • Life: Approximately 500 hours

    Operating Conditions

    • 10 – 40°C
    • 30 – 75% Relative Humidity

    Transportation and Storage

    • -20 – 50°C
    • 10 – 75% Relative Humidity
    • 700 – 1060 hPa

    Classifications and Approvals

    • Complies with medical safety standards:
    • IEC 60601-1:2005
    • CAN/CSA C22.2 No.601.1-M90
    • UL 60601-1: 2003

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