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Especialidad: Neonatologia - Equipos Medicos - Top Medical Group

Equipos Medicos

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  • Drager - Air-Shields IICS-90

    Drager Air-Shields IICS-90 Features

    Draeger Medical, the leading name in perinatal care, presents a family of Air-Shields® Radiant Warmers to meet the diverse thermoregulatory requirements of your hospital and your patients. From a compact, mobile freestanding warmer to a fully integrated Intensive Care System, these devices can be equipped to supplement existing hospital systems, or to support the most compromised infants with a full range of integrated accessories. Air-Shields® IICS-90’s integrated phototherapy system ensures that optimal therapeutic output is available on demand–without having to disturb the patient or move other equipment.


    • Tempurature Control
    • Intuitive Operation
    • Variable Height Adjustment
    • Variable Bassinet Tilt
    • Side Panels
    • Storage Options
    • Phototherapy Options
    • Resuscitation
    • Warm Weigh Infant Scales
    • Remote Alarm Module


    Drager Air-Shields IICS-90 Specifications



    • Power requirements:
      • 100 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 680 W
      • (w/VHA) 110/120 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 680 W
      • 220/240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 680 W
    • Leakage current:
      • 100 V, 120 V models: <300 μA
      • 220 V-240 V models: <500 μA
    • Heating Element: Quartz (600 W)
    • Examination Light:
      • 100 ft. candles at center mattress
      • 1076 lux; 100 lumens per sq. ft.
    • Skin Temperature Display: Digital LED with 0.1? C Resolution
    • Skin Temp. Variability: 0.2? C at temperature equilibrium
    • Mattress Tilt: ± 10?
    • Heater Module Swivel: ± 65?
    • Casters: 5” (Free Standing Warmer has 3 casters 2”)
    • Mattress size in (cm): 29.5 (75) x 23.5 (59.7)


    • Ambient Operating Temp: 68?F (20? C) - to 86?F (30? C)
    • Humidity: 0 - 95%
    • Altitude: Sea level to 1.9 miles (3 km)

    Chassis Leakage Current

    • 100,120V models <300 μA
    • 220/240 models <500 μA

    Phototherapy Option

    • Light Output: 9 μW/cm2/nm
    • Bulb Type: 50 W Quartz Halogen White Light
    • Power Requirements:
      • 100 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 440 W
      • 110/120 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 440 W
      • 220/240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 440 W

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  • Drager - Babytherm 8000 series

    Drager Babytherm 8004/8010 Features

    Dräger’s latest generation of Babytherm infant warming systems sets new standards in open care – supporting premature and full-term neonates with a unique thermal environment, while giving you ease of access so you can provide the best possible care.


    Optimal thermoregulation

    • Babytherm delivers an optimal thermo-neutral environment for the neonate, safe from cold or heat stress. Ceramic heater elements and golden reflectors provide even heat distribution over the entire bed area - so the baby will feel comfortably warm wherever placed on the bed. A fully integrated, heated conductive gel mattress keeps the baby warm at all times. You can measure the baby’s central and peripheral (toe) temperature gives you an early warning of thermal instability or possible cold stress, and observe the measured values on the integrated digital display.

    Ease of use

    • Our efforts to provide the best possible ergonomics are reflected in a number of practical features. The control panel is positioned directly beneath the radiant warmer, so you can easily adjust the settings. You can easily read all essential information on the large, bright digital display from any position around the bed. A bright red central warning light at the end of the radiant warmer will alert you to an alarm condition, even if you are working with another baby or in a different part of the room. A clear text message then provides all the details you require. The height of the unit can be adjusted to suit your height, swivel cabinets provide storage space for accessories, and all moving parts and control functions are easy to handle.

    Intelligent accessibilty

    • The smartSWIVEL® mechanism automatically focuses radiant warmth on the baby, even if the radiant heater is moved to one side to give the caregiver free working space. As a result, you don’t need to worry about the baby-cooling down or suffering cold stress during X-rays or other procedures because you can be sure of even heat distribution at all times.

    Developmental care

    • To support developmental care, Babytherm's smartSWIVEL mechanism allows the family to get close to the baby without compromising warming of the infant. Long dual-temperature sensor cables facilitate Kangaroo Care. The examination lamp has settings for day and night, and two brightness levels provide just the right lighting anytime. In addition to a central alarm light, you can set up an alarm that emails a ramping, low-pitch melody away from the bed.

    System synergy

    • Babytherm can work together with intelligently designed architectural systems, bed-side monitoring, and gentle neonatal ventilation. This integrated work environment is ergonomically smart, intuitively simple, and perfectly accessible for improved communication, time savings, and decreased risk of errors across the NICU and beyond.


    Drager Babytherm 8004/8010 Specifications



    • Radiant Warmer Radiant power at a distance of 80 cm between the bed and the radiant warmer
    • Heat Level 3 10 mW/cm²
    • Heat Level 10 30 mW/cm²
    • Lamps 120V/230V
    • Work Light 30W
    • Night Light 9W
    • Skin Temperature Sensor Range: 15°C to 42°C
    • Sensor accuracy: ±0.1°C. System accuracy: ±0.2°C
    • Setting range: 35°C to 38.5°C
    • Display: Central and peripheral temperature. Button descriptions and displayed texts in 11 languages. Central alarm lamp.
    • Operation: One hand operation. Bed tilt mechanism. Electrical height adjustment. Interface capability for call systems and data transfer. Lights for simulating day and night rhythm. Ergonomic design.
    • Temperature Control Uniform heat distribution over the baby. Patented smart SWIVEL® mechanism of the radiant heating system. ThermoMonitoring™, central and peripheral temperature monitoring

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  • Drager - Caleo

    Drager Caleo Features

    Designed to align with developmental care guidelines, Caleo takes into account the critical importance of sound and light levels in the incubator, as well as positioning to envelop the baby in a safe and stable nurturing zone. Caleo also offers kangaroo mode that allows you to monitor the baby’s temperature during skin-to-skin care. Family-centered care can provide significant benefits for the infant, including improved well-being, better mental health outcomes, decreased length of stay, and enhanced parent-infant bonding. True thermoregulation means that the temperature and humidity remain stable in the baby compartment – even when the doors are open for procedures. Because Caleo provides a secure thermo-neutral zone, it enables preterm infants to devote their energy on growth and development – rather than on reacting to an unstable environment.


    Options for Nursing and Therapy

    • Convective heat therapy through control of incubator air temperature or infant skin temperature
    • Humidification of the incubator air
    • O2 therapy through controlled elevation of the O2 concentration in the patient environment
    • Nursery and intensive care via hand ports or two large access doors
    • Pivoting bed for raising and lowering the infant’s head (Trendelenburg and anti-Trendelenburg position)

    With Monitoring For...

    • Air temperature
    • Skin temperature
    • Relative humidity
    • O2 concentration
    • Weight


    Drager Caleo Specifications



    • Incubator (width x depth) 1167 mm x 687 mm (45.9” x 27.0”)
    • Height overall with height adjustable column 1220 mm to 1520 mm (48.0” x 59.8”)
    • Height overall with fixed column 1270 mm / 1370 mm / 1470 mm (50” / 53.9” / 57.9”)
    • Height of mattress surface (variable height) 800 mm (31.5”) to 1100 mm (43.3”)
    • Height of mattress surface (fixed height) 875 mm (34.4”) / 950 mm (37.4”) / 1050 mm (41.3”), depending on fixed height column installed
    • Bed (width x depth) 645 mm x 500 mm (25.4” x 19.7”)


    • Overall weight max. 230 kg (507 lbs)
    • Basic configuration 130 kg (286.6 lbs)
    • Overall load capacity 66 kg (142.5 lbs)

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  • General Electric - Corometrics 259

    GE Corometrics 259 Features

    The GE Corometrics 259 is a maternal/fetal monitoring system. This unit is a full antepartum/intrapartum fetal monitor that includes innovative features that help clinicians deliver a high-quality birthing experience and enhanced patient care. The Corometrics 259 monitors uterine and fetal activity including fetal heart rate, and has enhanced maternal monitoring features including temperature, oxygen saturation, ECG, and non-invasive blood pressure. The 259 provides a comprehensive perinatal monitoring and the flexibility and convenience that give you instant access to the detailed information you need during labor and delivery. Having that information readily available helps you provide a positing birthing experience for the mother and baby.

    The Corometrics 259 is a medical device for monitoring maternal/fetal parameters. This monitor is equipped with a color LCD display which provides simultaneous display of fetal and maternal parameters plus the maternal waveforms. On the right side of the front of the unit is the recorder. The recorder prints continuous trends and alphanumeric data on one strip chart. The system is compatible with Centricity Perinatal Clinical Information Systems and other information systems to streamline, capture, and archive patient data. The 259 supports two fetal heart rate (FHR) channels, Uterine Activity (TOCO or IUP), maternal non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP), maternal pulse oximetry (MSpO2), fetal ECG (FECG), and Maternal ECG (MECG).

    On the back of the unit there are many data ports for inputting and outputting data and power. You have a Telemetry Connector, Data Entry Connector, Nurse Call System, Central Systems Connector, External VGA Connector, Communication Connectors, ECG Out Connector, Fetal Acoustic Stimulator Connector, Remote Event Marker Connector, and a Power Inlet Module.

    When powering up the Corometrics 259 Fetal Monitor, the unit automatically performs a number of tests to verify the integrity of the system memory, processor, and voltage levels before allowing the monitor to enter a normal operation mode. The pulse oximetry module is also tested and automatically calibrated upon power up, or whenever the unit is reset.

    • Maternal Blood Pressure
    • Maternal Temperature
    • Maternal Oxygen Levels
    • MECG
    • Centricity Perinatal (CPN)
    • Telemetry Interface)
    • Smart BP
    • Backlit keys
    • Dimmable display
    • 9-crystal ultrasound technology
    • One-touch hot keys

    GE Corometrics 259 Specifications


    • Height: 6.7" (17 cm)
    • Width: 16.7" (42.4 cm)
    • Depth: 17.5" (44.4 cm)
    • Weight: 22 lbs (10.9 kg)


    • Nominal Line Voltage: 100 VAC, 120 VAC, 220 VAC, 230 VAC, 240VAC
    • Line Frequency: 50/60Hz
    • Power Consumption: 100 W, 100 W, 0.4 A, 0.4 A
    • Chassis Leakage: <300 μA



    • Ambient Temperature: 50°F to 104°F (10°C to 40°C)
    • Relative Humidity: 10% to 95%, non-condensing
    • Atmospheric Pressure: 700–1060 mbar (525–795 mmHg)


    • Ambient Temperature: 14°F to 131°F (–10°C to 55°C)
    • Relative Humidity:0% to 95%, non-condensing
    • Atmospheric Pressure:700–1060 mbar (525–795 mmHg)


    • Speed: 1, 2, and 3 cm/min
    • Speed Accuracy: ± 1%


    • Technique: Peak detecting, beat-to-beat cardiotachometer
    • Heart Rate Counting Rage: 30-240 bpm
    • Heart Rate Resolution: ± 1 bpm
    • Artifact Elimination: Selectable, ± 25 bpm artifact rejection
    • Countable Input Signal Range: 15 μV to 2 mV peak-to-peak
    • Offset Voltage Tolerance (Differential): ± 300 mVdc maximum
    • Maximum Common Mode Voltage: 20 V peak-to-peak
    • Preamplifier Bandwidth: 1–90 Hz
    • Common Mode Rejection:
      • Balanced: > 120 dB at mains frequency, with a patient cable
      • Unbalanced 5kΩ RA or LA: > 110 dB at mains frequency
    • Input Equivalent Noise: < 10 μV peak-to-peak
    • Input Impedance:
      • Differential: > 10 MΩ
      • Common Mode: > 20 MΩ
    • Mains Frequency Rejection: > 40 dB
    • Leakage Current: < 10 μA at 100-240 VAC, electrically isolated
    • Isolation, Mains-to-Patient: > 4 kVAC

    Ultrasound Mode

    • Technique: Pulsed Doppler with autocorrelation processing
    • Transducer Type: 9-crystal
    • Pulse Repetition Frequency:
      • Single Ultrasound Mode: 4 kHz
      • Dual Ultrasound Mode: 2 kHz
    • Pulse Duration: 92 μs
    • Transmitter Frequency: 1.151 MHz
    • Spatial-Peak Temporal Average Intensity: Ispta < 10 mW/cm2
    • Spatial-Average Temporal Average Intensity: Isata< 5 mW/cm2
    • Focal 20 dB Beam Area: 16.6 cm2 , at a range = 7 cm
    • Peak Instantaneous Intensity: 1.8 mW/cm2
    • Peak-Negative Acoustic Pressure: p < 10.0 kPa
    • Heart Rate Counting Range: 50–210 bpm
    • Leakage Current: < 100 μA at 100-240 VAC, isolated by the transducer

    Uterine Activity Mode


    • Range (typical): 0–100 mmHg (0–13.3 kPa)
    • Resolution: 1 mmHg (0.13 kPa)
    • Bandwidth: dc to 0.5 Hz
    • Excitation Voltage:
      • Zero Set Temperature Drift: < 0.1 mmHg/°C (0.013 kPa/°C), excluding transducer
      • Leakage Current: < 100 μA at 100-240 VAC, electrically isolated


    • Technique: Peak detecting, beat-to-beat cardiotachometer
    • Maternal ECG Electrode Type: Medtronic 1700-003 or equivalent
    • Leads Available: I, II, and III
    • Heart Rate Counting Range: 30–240 bpm
    • Heart Rate Resolution: ± 1 bpm
    • Heart Rate Update Rate: > 1 update per second
    • Countable Input Signal Range: 0.5 mV to 5 mV peak-to-peak
    • Baseline Drift: < 0.5 mV RTI
    • Tall T-wave Rejection: 0.8 x QRS amplitude
    • Heart Rate Meter Response Time:
      • 80–120 bpm Step Increase: < 2 seconds
      • 80–40 bpm Step Decrease: < 3 seconds
    • Alarm Time for Tachycardia 80–200 bpm: < 10 seconds (high alarm limit at 100 bpm)
    • Offset Voltage Tolerance (Differential): ± 300 mVdc maximum
    • Maximum Common Mode Voltage: 20 V peak-to-peak
    • Preamplifier Bandwidth: 0.6 to 40 Hz
    • Common Mode Rejection:
      • Balanced: > 80 dB at mains frequency, with a patient cable
      • Unbalanced 5K RA or LA: > 50 dB at mains frequency
    • Input Equivalent Noise: Input Impedance: < 30 μV peak-to-peak
      • Differential: > 2.5 MΩ
      • Common Mode: > 10 MΩ
    • Mains Frequency Rejection: > 40 dB
    • Mains Frequency Rejection: > 40 dB
    • Leakage Current: < 10 μA at 100-240 VAC, with cable, electrically isolated
    • Isolation, Mains-to-Patient: > 4 kVAC
    • Leads Off Detection: dc current < 0.1 μA
    • Alarms:
      • Audio: Alternating 1.5-second chimes
      • Visual: Flashing heart rate numeric or message
      • Limits: User-selectable high and low maternal heart rate
      • Technical: Leads of
      • Tachycardia Response Time: < 8 seconds

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  • General Electric - Corometrics120

    Corometrics 120 Series Features

    The Corometrics 120 monitor interactive training CD provides a step-by-step review of the disassembly and reassembly process. From the introduction of the parts down to the removal of the front bezel power switch, this interactive CD gives a comprehensive approach to servicing the 120 series.


    • Comprehensive maternal/fetal monitor provides the ability to address every monitoring need for both the mother and the fetus
    • Model 126: Dual ultrasound, FECG and Uterine Activity
    • Model 128: Maternal NIBP and SpO2, in addition to Model 126 features
    • Model 129: Maternal 3-lead selectable ECG in addition to Model 128 features


    Corometrics 120 Series Specifications



    • Height: 6.7”, 17 cm
    • Width: 16.4”, 41.9 cm
    • Depth: 17.3”, 43.9 cm
    • Weight: 24 lbs (10.9 kg) approximate

    Ultrasound Mode

    • Technique: pulse Doppler with autocorrelation processing
    • Transducer type: 9-crystal
    • Pulse reception frequency: 4 kHz single ultrasound mode, 2 kHz dual ultrasound mode
    • Pulse duration: 92 µs
    • Transmitter frequency: 1.151 MHz
    • Intensity: <5mW/cm²
    • Heart rate counting range: 50-210 BPM
    • Leakage current: <10 µA at 120-240 VAC, isolated by transducer

    FECG Mode

    • Technique: peak detecting, beat-to-beat cardiotachometer
    • Heart rate counting range: 30-240 BPM
    • Heart rate resolution: ±1BPM
    • Artifact elimination: switch selectable, ±25 BPM artifact rejection
    • Countable input signal range: 15 µV to 2mV peak-to-peak
    • Offset voltage tolerance (differential): ±300 mVDC maximum
    • Maximum common mode voltage: 20V peak-to-peak
    • Preamplifier bandwidth: 1-100 Hz
    • Common mode rejection: balanced > 120 dB at mains frequency, with patient cable, unbalanced = 5 kΩ RA or LA: > 110 dB at mains frequency
    • Input equivalent noise: < 10µV peak-to-peak
    • Input impedance: differential > 10 MΩ, common mode > 20MΩ
    • Mains frequency rejection: > 40 dB
    • Leakage current: < 60µA at 254 VAC, electrically isolated. Isolation, mains-to-patient: > 4 kVAC
    • Leg plate tester jack: simulated r-wave at 120 ± 1 BPM

    Fetal Alarms

    • (for ultrasound or FECG modes) Audio: alternating 1.5 second chimes (773 Hz and 523 Hz)
    • Visual: flashing heart rate numeric
    • Limits: user selectable high and low fetal heart rate
    • Technical: signal quality
    • Tachycardia response time: 5 minutes at 100% limit violation
    • Bradycardia response time: 30 seconds at 100% limit violation
    • Signal quality response time: 100% signal loss – 1.25 minutes, 70% signal loss – 5 minutes, 65% signal loss – 10 minutes

    Fetal Pulse Oximeter Mode

    • Technique: spectrophotometry and plethysmography
    • Saturation range: 10-100%
    • Saturation accuracy: reproducibility is one standard deviation = 4.7%. Nominally, 67 of the measurements across the population will be within ± standard deviation
    • Wavelengths: red: 735 µM, nominal; infrared: 890µM, nominal
    • Response time: user-selectable: slow and fast averaging modes
    • Transmitter frequency: 1.151 mHz

    Uterine Activity Mode

    • Range: 0-100 mmHg strain gauge, 0-100 relative units tocotransducer
    • Resolution: 1 mmHg stain gauge, 1 relative unit tocotransducer
    • Bandwidth: dc to 0.5 Hz strain gauge and tocotransducer
    • Excitation voltage: strain gauge +4.0 VDC

    Maternal BP Mode

    • Technique: oscillometric. Blood pressure range: 20-255 mmHg (2.7 – 34 kPa)
    • Pulse rate range: 40-240 BPM
    • Blood pressure accuracy: ±5 mmHg with a standard deviation no greater than 8 mmHg
    • Pulse rate accuracy: ±2 BPM or ± 2% , whichever is greater
    • Display/record: systolic, diastolic, and mean pressure; pulse rate

    Maternal Pulse Oximeter Mode

    • Saturation range: 0-100%
    • Pulse rate range: 30-250 BPM
    • Saturation accuracy: %SpO2 ± 1 SD: 70-100% ±2 digits, 50-69% ± 3 digits. 0-49% unspecified
    • Pulse rate accuracy: ±3BPM

    MECG Mode

    • Leads: II, III, and I
    • Heart rate counting range: 30-240 BPM
    • Heart rate resolution: ± BPM
    • Heart rate averaging: 1 sec
    • Maximum common mode voltage: 20 Vp-p
    • Preamplifier bandwidth: 0.6 to 40 Hz
    • Common mode rejection: balanced > 80 dB at mains frequency, with patient cable; unbalanced 5 k RA or LA > 50 dB at mains frequency
    • Input impedance: differential > 2.5 MΩ; common mode > 10 MΩ
    • Mains frequency rejection: >40 dB
    • Leakage current: < 60 µA at 254 VAC, with cable, electrically isolated
    • Alarms: Audio: alternating 1.5 seconds chimes, Visual: flashing heart rate numeric or message, Limits: user-selectable high and low maternal heart rate, technical: leads off

    Power Requirements

    • Line voltage: 100/120/220/230/240 VAC
    • Line frequency: 50/60 Hz
    • Power consumption: 100W/0.4 A maximum

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  • General Electric - Giraffe

    GE Giraffe Features

    The Giraffe is an enclosed neonatal intensive care microenvironment incubator with an innovative design and exceptional thermal performance that creates an unsurpassed healing environment for intensively ill infants. The incubator has a centralized display/control unit providing accessibility from either side of the bed plus excellent viewing of all equipment and patient parameters. The Patented Baby SusanTM rotating mattress allows the caregiver to rotate the bed 360° for easy patient access. Dual Access doors and portholes – allow access even when the bed is tilted 12°.


    • Internally activated bed tilt is smooth and continuous through 0-12° in both Trendelenburg positions
    • Optional servo oxygen control system maintains an oxygen-enriched environment
    • Elevating base accommodates standing caregivers and seated family, even those seated in wheelchairs
    • In-bed scale with weight trending allows weights to be taken and trended without removing the baby (Up to 14 weights stored)
    • Helps relieve pressure points and preserves skin integrity while also improving clinical efficiency by reducing bedding expense


    GE Giraffe Specifications



    • Maximum Height (bed raised): 70″ (178 cm)
    • Minimum Height (bed lowered) 58″ (147 cm)
    • Footprint: 45″ x 26″ (114 cm x 66 cm)
    • Weight: 304 lbs (138 kg)
    • Floor to mattress height: 32″ to 44″ (81 cm to 111 cm)
    • Mattress size: 26″ x 19″ (66 cm x 48 cm)
    • Access door size: 11″ x 31″ (27 cm x 78 cm)
    • Drawer size: 19″ x 20″ (48 cm x 50 cm)
    • Drawer depth: 8″ (20 cm)

    Physical Characteristics

    • Mattress tilt angle: 12°, continuously variable
    • Microfilter: 0.5μ - 99.8% efficiency (3M FiltreteTM)
    • Tubing access ports: 13

    Electrical Power Requirements

    • 9A @ 115V ~ 50/60 Hz
    • 4.5A @ 220/230/240V ~ 50/60 Hz

    Standards Compliance

    • IEC 60601-1 (amendment 1 and 2)
    • IEC 60601-1-2
    • IEC 60601-2-19 (amendment 1)
    • Federal Regulation 21 CFR CH-1 (4-1-92 Edition) Section 1020.3(n) - X-ray Attenuation

    User Control Settings

    • Baby (servo) temperature control: 35-37.5°C in 0.1° increments
    • Air temperature control: 20-39°C in 0.1° increments
    • Servo humidity control range: 30-95% relative humidity in 5% increments
    • Alarm sound level: Adjustable audible levels

    System Performance

    • Microprocessor-based control system: Self-test functions are performed at power-up and during normal operation
    • Temperature variability and distribution: Exceeds IEC- 60601-2-19 incubator standard
    • Patient measurement accuracy: ±0.3°C between 30° and 42°C
    • Air Velocity: <10 cm/sec Whisper QuietTM Mode, measured 10 cm above the center of the mattress
    • Sound level: <50 dBa Whisper QuietTM Mode closed bed, measured 10 cm above the center of the mattress

    In-Bed Scale Performance

    • Accuracy: ±10 g (0.35 oz)
    • Range: 300 g to 8 kg (0.66 lbs to 17.6 lbs)

    Servo Oxygen Control Performance

    • Control Range: up to 65%
    • Display Range: 0 to 99%
    • Recovery Time: <10 minutes to 5% below set point after open door
    • Alarms: ±3% from set point
    • Offset: ±5% average O2 to display Humidifier Performance
    • Recovery time: <15 minutes (typical) recovery to 75% RH with 39° C air set temperature
    • Operating time between refills: >12 hours @ 65% RH control setting in a 25°C / 50% RH ambient
    • Reservoir capacity: 1000 ml
    • Accuracy: ±10% for settings up to 85%: minimum 75% for settings > 85%

    Operating Encironment

    • Temperature: 20 to 30° C
    • Humidity: 10 to 95% RH (non-condensing)
    • Air Velocity: Up to 0.3 m/sec

    Storage and Shipping Information

    • Temperature: -25° to 60° C
    • Humidity: 0 to 95% RH (non-condensing)

    Service and Maintenance

    • Battery: 9V NiMH
    • Recommended Calibration/ Preventative Maintenance Period: Annually

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  • Drager - ISOLETTE C2000

    Dräger Isolette C2000 Features

    The Dräger Isolette C2000 provides an ideal microenvironment system for premature babies and sick infants by providing a controlled environment of warmth and humidity. This high-performance incubator combines excellent thermoregulation, ergonomic design, and dependability. An advanced thermoregulation system, controlled by Dräger’s PID algorithm, keeps the baby in a stable environment. Very low air velocity over the mattress area creates a calm zone that surrounds the neonate to inhibit convective heat loss, while dual air curtains and preemptive regulation mechanisms maintain virtually stable conditions during access to the infant.


    • Thermal Performance
    • Large Mattress and Dual Probes
    • Dual Access Doors
    • 24-hour Data Trends


    Dräger Isolette C2000 Specifications



    • Height: 140 cm (55″)
    • Width: 120.6 cm (47.5″)
    • Depth: 75 cm (29.5″)
    • Weight: 95.5 kg (210 lb)

    Hood Specifications

    Standard hood includes:

    • Access panel opening height: 28.0 cm (11″)
    • Mattress tray size :40.6 x 81 cm (16 x 32″)
    • Mattress to hood height: 41.2 cm (16.25″)
    • Mattress size : 38.1 cm x 73.66 cm (15 in x 29″)
    • Mattress tilt: ±12 ° (±1 °), continuously variable
      • front and rear access panel
      • 4 access ports and 2 iris ports
      • 3 left and 3 right tubing grommets – front
      • 2 left and 2 right tubing grommets – rear

    Cabinet Specifcations

    Cabinet Stand Accessories

    • Casters: 4 casters, 12.7 cm (5″) and 2 casters with friction brake
    • Storage volume: Approx. 80 l
    • Recessed depth: 15 cm recessed cabinet
    • Front loading cabinet doors: 2
    • Door closing mechanism: Soft-stop hinges
    • Opening angle of the doors: > 90°
      • Gas tank mount
      • Shelf
      • IV Pole

    Controller System

    • Algorithm type of the Servo Control System: PID (Proportional Differential Integral) control algorithm
    • Controller with LCD: With brightness control
    • Selectable color combinations: White on blue background (default) or yellow on black background
    • RS-232 output: Yes
    • Keypad lock: Yes

    Temperature Control Modes

    • Temperature control modes: Skin and air temperature control mode
    • Air mode control temperature range: 20°C (68°F) to 37°C (98.6°F)
    • Air mode control override temp range: 37°C (98.6°F) to 39°C (102.2°F)
    • Skin mode control temperature range: 34°C (93.2°F) to 37°C (98.6°F)
    • Skin mode control override temp range: 37°C (98.6°F) to 38°C (100.4°F)
    • Dual-skin temperature monitoring: Yes

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  • General Electric - Ohmeda careplus

    GE Ohmeda Care Plus 4000 Rental Features

    Soma Technology offers the GE Ohmeda Care Plus 4000 incubator as a rental option. The Care Plus 4000 and its family of incubators deliver superior thermoregulation with an integrated microprocessor-based controller. It features an optional active double wall construction which helps create the precise and consistent environment for the neonate. The Plus 4000 also meets all the practical clinical needs of the healthcare provider including access to the infant. Soma offers different rental programs including rent-to-own to accommodate your specific needs.


    • Dovetail Rail system
    • Standard Humidifier for variable control of humidity
    • Care Plus 3000: Three-position tilt for easy, precise adjustment to 0º,3º, and 6º at either end of the bed
    • Care Plus 4000: Continuous Tilt allows smooth, unlimited adjustment from 0º to 12º

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  • General Electric - Ohmeda Panda 4300

    GE Ohmeda 4300 IWS Features

    The GE Ohmeda 4300 Infant Warmer System uses a manual mode of operation that allows selection of the level of radiant heat output as indicated by the % power display on the control panel and the control circuit then maintains the selected level of radiant heat. Servo mode of operation allows selection of the patient’s control temperature and a control system modulates the radiant heat to maintain the patient at the selected control temperature. Alarms activate to alert the operator of a low or high patient temperature, a skin temperature probe failure, a power failure, equipment failure or a check patient prompt


    • Microprocessor Control
    • 20 Segment Output Control
    • Digital Apgar Timer
    • Powered Elevating Base
    • Pre-Heat Mode
    • Dovetail Rail Mounting System
    • Large bed accommodates larger infants easily
    • Bed height adjusts to comfortable working level
    • The GE Ohmeda 4300 Infant Warmer uses an advanced microprocessor system continuously monitor patient and machine status
    • Easy patient access from any location around unit
    • Heater Power: 550 Watts ±5% at maximum % power setting
    • Examination light Luminance: 100 (nominal) foot candles at center of mattress


    GE Ohmeda 4300 Specifications



    • Height: 183 to 203 cm (72 to 80 in)
    • Depth: Both: 114 cm (45 in)
    • Width: Both: 76 cm (30 in)
    • Weight: 4400: Approx. 91 kg (200 lbs)
    • Standard 3 Drawer Pkg: 25 kg (56 lbs)
    • Rotating 3 Drawer Pkg: 32 kg (70 lbs)
    • Standard Deep Drawer Pkg: 25 kg (56 lbs)
    • Rotating Deep Drawer Pkg: 32 kg (70 lbs)
    • Foot Print: Both: 75 X 114 cm (29.5 X 45 in)
    • Floor Space: Both: 8572 sq cm (1327.5 sq in)
    • Bed Size: Both: 61.2 X 76.5 cm (24 X 30 in)
    • Bed to Floor: 98 - 118 cm (38.75 - 46.5 in)
    • Bed Tilting: Both: ±10° Reverse Trendelenburg and Trendelenburg, damped

    System Control Characteristics

    • Microprocessor Based Control System: Self-test function performed at power on and continuously during normal operation
    • Heater Output: 0-540 watts power adjustable from 0 to 100% in twenty 5% increments
    • Patient Control (Servo) Mode: 35°C to 37.5°C in increments of 0.1°C (95°F to 99.5°F)
    • Manual Mode: Indicates manual mode heat selection range from 0 to 100% in 5% increments
    • Temperature Variability: Less than ±0.3°C
    • Resolution: ±0.1°C
    • Probe Interchangeability: ±0.1°C
    • Probe Range: 30°C to 42°C (71.6°F to 107.6°F)
    • Proportional heat control with zero voltage switching to minimize radiated and conducted EMI
    • Observation Light: 100-foot candles at center of mattress; estimated lamp life 3000 hours

    Heater Assembly

    • The radiant heater provides a focused heat source using a cal-rod heating element, which directs controlled heat to the bed surface
    • The heater assembly, located above the center of the bed, consists of the radiant heater, parabolic reflector, integral observation light, and visible red alarm indicator light
    • The heater module rotates 90 degrees to the side to facilitate X-ray procedures. The heater automatically shuts off when in this position


    • The hydraulic tilt system provides tilt of up to +10o for positioning in Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions
    • The four bedside panels fold down for complete access to the infant
    • The rear panel includes tubing management slots for retention of ventilation and aerosol tubing
    • The bed incorporates an X-ray Cassette Tray. A grid location marking systems on the side panels matches the tray for location of the cassette. Bed construction is radiolucent
    • A chest drainage hanger allows for convenient placement of chest drainage systems

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  • Hausted - Pediatric Care


    Stretcher series intended for transport, examination, and care of pediatric-age patients in healthcare facilities. Provides the safety and security of 360 patient protection, as well as 360 patient access when needed. The three position vertical side rails are easy to use and provide maximum patient security. The dual pedestal design provides maximum stability for patient transport, treatment, and recovery.


    • 325 lb (147 kg) Weight Capacity*
    • Adjustable backrest from 0° – 45° for patient comfort
    • Dual Side Foot Controls for easy height adjustment and 10° Trendelenburg positioning
    • Extra high side rails provide three positions for patient safety, access and transfer
    • Removable end rails to allow easy patient access
    • Brake and Steer Controls accessible at all four corners
    • 3 in (8 cm) Comfort Mattress Pad with Sure-Check Cover

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  • Welch Allyn - Scale Tronics

    The 4802 is designed for daily and serial weighing of neonates, infants and toddlers. It’s a heavy-duty, stainless steel, portable unit with a built-in digital readout. This scale is accurate enough to weigh neonates and has a large enough capacity for peds. The 4802 automatically returns to zero, allowing you to weigh a continuous stream of patients quickly and efficiently. A “Recall” feature retains the last weight reading. If the patient is removed from the scale and you forget the weight, simply press the “Recall” button. The previous weight is displayed, and a “Prior Weight” message blinks.

    Since accurate weighing of active babies is difficult, many scales take an average between a high and low reading or lock-in a reading after an arbitrary length of time. Scale-Tronix systems display the actual weight so you will never medicate or treat an infant based on an inaccurate reading. In addition, the press of a button allows reweighing while the baby is still on the scale. An audible signal indicates when the patient’s weight is stored in memory. A printer is available (special order) to provide a paper-tape record of patient weights.

    The 4802’s readings are so accurate and repeatable that breast-feeding intake may be determined by weight. The 1 gram weighing option enables you to weigh diapers automatically to 1 gram, ideal for determining urine output.

    The 4802 is line-cord powered for stationary use or powered by its self-contained battery for portable use. Weight is displayed with the touch of a button in either pounds or kilos. Oversized, 4-sided and flat weighing cradles are also available.

    The unique Scale-Tronix stainless steel weighing cart makes the 4802 a self-contained, mobile weighing station. The cart also features an optional dispenser for disposable scale liners.

    • Automatic zero.
    • Weight recall.
    • Reweigh.
    • Absolute weight, no averaging.
    • Accurate to 1 gram/5 grams.  
    • Accuracy - 2/10oz-5 gm. Diaper/Preemie weighing 1 gm (optional). 
    • Weighing Range - 45 lb-20 kg. 
      • Platform with Carrying Handles 
      • Overall 27 1/2" X 16" X 7" stainless steel weighing platform. 
    • Removable acrylic cradle - 25" X 14". Length measure in centimeters and inches. 
    • Readout - Digital LED display in pounds and kilograms. 
    • Power Source - 110 VAC line cord and self-contained battery with charger (operates in either mode). 
      Cordless operation available as special order. 
    • Automatic Zero - Returns to zero, ready for next patient. 
    • Reweigh - Recomputes weight while patient is on scale. 
    • Weight Recall - Recalls last weight. 
    • Low Battery Indicator - Indicates battery needs replacing. 
    • Charge Indicator - Indicates battery is charging. 
    • Weighing Cart (accessory) - Stainless steel, mounted on 4 large rubber casters. 
    • Printer - (special order). 
    • Computer Capability - RS-232 output (optional). 
    • UL/CSA Listed.

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