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Especialidad: Imagenologia Rayos X , Tomografia - Equipos Medicos - Top Medical Group

Equipos Medicos

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Imagenologia Rayos X , Tomografia

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  • Kodak - 8000 series

    Kodak 8000 C Panoramic X-ray
    Recently removed due to facility closure. The first 3 pictures are from when the unit was installed at the facility the remaining pictures are after removal.
    OPERATING SOFTWARE was de-installed from system.
    We are currently accepting offers on this system.
    We are a used medical equipment dealer. We provide as much information on an item as possible. Please do not hesitate to ask for additional pictures or information on a product. We represent each piece to the best of our ability. This unit has currently not been serviced or refurbished in any way. It is being sold used, as-is where-is, so please make sure you are comfortable with the description prior to purchase. We do not offer or imply any guarantees or warranties on this equipment. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that all equipment is thoroughly inspected and refurbished by qualified technicians before placing into patient use. We accept no liability for equipment once it has left our warehouse. All items are available for inspection at our warehouse in DuBois, PA.
    We ship only within the US. International customers are welcome but must make their own shipping arrangements and no warranties will apply.
    FDA Disclaimer:
    The sale of this item may be subject to strict regulation buy the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and State and local regulatory agencies. I will verify your status as an authorized purchaser of this item before shipping of the item

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  • Philips - Allura FD 20

    The Philips Allura Xper FD20 is a complete cardiovascular imaging system with a convenient workflow that integrates advanced image acquisition and visualization tools, multimodality access, hemodynamic monitoring, and integrated reporting. For more information on the Philips Allura Xper FD20 Cath/Angio System, available refurbished through Avante Health Solutions, contact an Avante representative today.

    System Components

    • Gantry with either ceiling or floor mounted motorized L-arm and C-arm
    • High output MRC X-ray tube
    • FD20 Dynamic Flat Detector
    • Xper Table
    • Monitor ceiling suspension with height adjustment
    • Optional examination light
    • Xper data and review LCD monitors
    • Xper Module
    • Xper Review Module
    • Optional: Xper geometry and imaging modules — ask your Avante representative for more information.


    • Full-featured cath lab system allows clinicians to perform a full spectrum of cardiac and vascular interventions.
    • 2k Flat Detector captures images at a four times greater resolution than conventional x-ray systems.
    • Dynamic flat detector provides excellent image quality at a low patient X-ray dose.
    • Cath lab integration brings together advanced image acquisition and visualization tools, multimodality access, hemodynamic monitoring, and integrated reporting.
    • Compact design provides full patient access during cardiac and vascular procedures.
    • XperCT technology enables clinicians to assess soft tissue before, during, or after an interventional procedure.
    • Proprietary Xper (x-ray personalized) feature lets each clinician customize the system for their unique workflow, allowing for confident and fast diagnoses.
    • Philips Allura 3D-RA analysis package generates high-resolution 3D images from a single rotation angiography run in only a few seconds.
    • 3D-RA also offers enhanced visualization of the anatomical vessel structure.
    • StentBoost technology enhances stent visualization.
    • BodyGuard patient protection designed to shield the patient from unexpected contact between the detector and the body.
    • Xper table is a dedicated cardiovascular table with a free-floating tabletop.
    • Xper table features very high patient loadability and can make large floating movements.
    • Optional: Automatic Position Controller with programmable extension that allows for up to 10 different stand positions per clinical procedure.
    • Optional: Table tilt, iso centric tilt movement, cradle movement, pivot movement, Table Automatic Position Controller.



    • Iso-center to floor (FD20 ceiling): 106.5 cm (41.9 in)
    • Iso-center to floor (FD20 floor): 113.5 cm (44.7 in)
    • Longitudinal movement: FD20 ceiling is manual and motorized for 300 cm (118.1 in) at 15 cm/sec. It includes auto stops at the park position, cardio position, neuro position and lower peripheral position
    • F20 floor has no longitudinal movement
    • L-arm rotation: Motorized and manual movement, over 180° with snap positions at 90°, -0°, -90° to allow patient access from three sides of the table
    • C-arm rotation: In head-end position: 120° LAO, 185° RAO, in side position: 90° LAO, 90° RAO
    • C-arm rotation speed: Up to 25°/sec and 55°/sec for rotational scan
    • C-arm angulation: In head-end position: 90° cranial, 90° caudal. In side position: 185° cranial, 120° caudal
    • C-arm angulation speed: Up to 25°/sec
    • Focal spot to iso-center: 81 cm (31.9 in)
    • Source Image Distance: 89.5 - 119.5 cm (35.2 - 47.1 in)
    • C-arm depth: 90 cm (35.4 in)
    • Rotation of the flat detector: Xper Access allows re-positioning of the flat panel detector from portrait to landscape within 3 sec
    • Programmable positions: Standard 2 positions

    Xper Table

    • Tabletop material: Radio translucent carbon fiber tabletop
    • Tabletop length: 319 cm (125.6 in)
    • Tabletop width: 50 cm (19.7 in)
    • Motorized tabletop height adjustment: 79 to 107 cm (31.1 to 42.1 in)
    • Tabletop metal free overhang: 125 cm (49.2 in)
    • Longitudinal float: 120 cm (49.2 in)
    • Transversal float: 36 cm (14.2 in)
    • Maximum allowable patient weight: 250 kg with additional force of 500 N, allowed in case of CPR. CPR can be performed while the tabletop is set in any longitudinal position
    • The positioning of the modules: The Xper Module, Xper Imaging, and Xper Geometry Modules can be positioned on three sides of the patient support
    • Cable integration: cables are incorporated in the table to allow maximum operation flexibility
    • Patient mattress: The mattress is made of slow recovery foam, with a density of 58 kg/m³ and a thickness of 7 cm that adapts to the patient body shape

    Monitor Ceiling Suspension

    • Number of monitors: two, three, four, six or eight monitors
    • Rotation range: 350°
    • Transversal movement: Over a distance of 300 cm (118.1 in)
    • Longitudinal movement: Over a distance of 330 cm (129.9 in)

    Flat Panel Detector

    • Size of detector housing: 42 x 52 cm (16.5 x 20.5 in), including BodyGuard
    • Maximum field of view: 30 x 38 cm (11.8 x 14.9 in)
    • Image matrix: 2480 x 1920 px at 14 bits depth
    • Detector zoom fields: 30 x 30 cm (11.8 x 11.8 in) | 26 x 26 cm (10.2 x 10.2 in) | 22 cm x 22 cm (8.7 x 8.7 in) | 19 x 19 cm (7.5 x 7.5 in) | 16 x 16 cm (6.3 x 6.3 in) | 13.5 x 13.5 cm (5.3 x 5.3 in) | 11 x 11 cm (4.3 x 4.3 in) square formats
    • Pixel pitch: 154 μm
    • Detector bit depth: 14 bits
    • Nyquist frequency: 3.25 lp/mm
    • DQE (0): More than 73% at 0 lp/mm
    • Digital output: 2k² and 1k² and 512² at 14 bit depth resolution
    • MTF at 1 lp/mm: > 60%
    • MTF at Nyquist frequency: 10%

    Velara X-ray Generator

    • Generated power: Microprocessor-controlled, 100 kW high frequency converter generator
    • Minimum switching time: Quartz-controlled power-switch, with a minimum switching time of 1 ms
    • Voltage range: 40 to 125 kV
    • Maximum current: 1250 mA at 80 kV
    • Maximum continuous power: 2.4 kW for 0.5 hours, 2 kW for 8 hours
    • Nominal power (highest electrical power): 100 kW (1000 mA at 100 kV)

    MRC-GS 0407 X-ray Tube

    • Focal spot size and loadability: 0.4/0.7 nominal focal spot values with maximal 30 respectively 65 kW loadability
    • Grid-switched pulsed fluoroscopy: Yes
    • Fluoro power for 10 minutes: 4500 W
    • Fluoro power for 20 minutes: 3500 W
    • Anode heat dissipation: 11,000 W
    • Max. heat dissipation of assembly heat: 3400 W
    • Extra pre-filtration: SpectraBeam dose management with 0.2, 0.5, and 1.0 mm, Copper equivalent SpectraBeam filters
    • Cooling liquid: Oil cooled x-ray tube with thermal safety switch
    • Anode cooling method: Direct anode oil cooling system with 200 mm anode diameter

    Monochrome LCD Monitor

    • Size of monochrome TFT-LCD display: 18-inch monochrome TFT-LCD display
    • Format: Native format of 1280 x 1024 SXGA
    • Grey-scale resolution: 10 bit with grey-scale correction
    • Wide viewing angle: Yes (approximately 160°)
    • High brightness: Yes (max 600 Cd/m², default 500 Cd/m²), with ambient light dependent brightness control
    • Protection screen: Yes, in the examination room

    Color LCD Monitor

    • Size of color TFT-LCD display: 19-inch color TFT-LCD display
    • Format: Native format 1280 x 1024 SXGA
    • Wide viewing angle: Yes (approximately 160°)
    • High brightness: Controlled brightness (200 Cd/m²) with ambient light dependent brightness control
    • Protection screen: Yes, in the examination room

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  • General Electric - Amx 4 Plus

    • GE Healthcare's AMX 4+ analog X-ray system provides highperformance in a compact, easy-tomaneuver package.
    • The rotating arm and tube simplify positioning and facilitate bedside studies, while the maintenance-free battery produces up to 50 high-quality exposures with a single charge.
    • Dual drive motors and oversize casters facilitate movement; even in taxing environments.


    GE AMX 4 Plus Specifications



    • Height: 70 inches (1778 mm) for Models 2169360−6, 2236420−6, and 2275938−6, −12, −13, −14, −15; all others 76 inches (1930 mm).
    • Width: 25−3/16 inches (640 mm)
    • Length: 45−3/8 inches (1153 mm)
    • Weight: 1080 pounds (490 kg)

    Environmental Limits

    • Operating temperature range: 59 to 100 Degrees Fahrenheit (15 to 38 Degrees Celsius) at 80% non−condensing humidity.
    • Storage temperature range −40 to +140 Degrees Fahrenheit (−40 to +60 Degrees Celsius)
    • Maximum operating altitude: 8,000 feet (2440 meters)

    Battery Specifications

    • Nine 12.9 volt batteries connected in series provide approximately 116 volts at full charge.

    Battery Capacity

    • The GE AMX 4+ battery capacity can be measured by one of the following five methods. All capacities are measured after the AMX−4+ has been charged to the “CHARGE COMPLETE” state. Available capacity as stated applies only to new battery sets free of defective cells. Capacity may decrease as the battery nears the end of its useful life.

    Method 1: Exams

    • The GE AMX 4+ batteries will provide capacity for more than 20 typical EXAMs. An “EXAM” is defined as:
      • Two 70 kVp, 10 mAs X−ray exposures including:
      • > 7 seconds of prep (rotor and filament drive)
      • > 25 seconds of field light
      • 5 minutes of drive time
      • 9 minutes of idle time
    • The formula in the “VARIED USAGE” section can be used to determine the number of total EXAMs available for usage regimes different from this typical case.

    Method 2: X−ray Exposures

    • The GE AMX 4+ batteries will provide enough capacity for 165 or more 100 kVp, 100 mAs X−ray exposures. Each exposure includes 4 seconds of prep (rotor and filament drive) time and 30 seconds of idle time for battery recovery. This number may be reduced by additional idle time required for X−ray tube cooling.

    Method 3: Drive Time

    • The AMX 4+ batteries will provide enough capacity for 140 minutes of continuous drive time. This time is typically independent of driving conditions, however, it may be reduced if a significant portion of the drive is on carpeting or up ramps

    Method 4: Idle Time

    • The AMX−4+ batteries will provide capacity for 23.3 hours of continuous idle time. “Idle” is the time when the AMX 4+ is ON but not being used.

    Method 5: Varied Usage

    • For varied usage, the AMX 4+ batteries will provide capacity according to the following formula:
      • { (idle time in minutes ) _ 3} +
      • { (drive time in minutes ) _ 30} +
      • { ( field light time in minutes ) _ 25 } +
      • { ( prep time in minutes ) _ 30} +
      • { ( exposure energy* ) _ 2.17} = 4200
      • *exposure energy = cumulative { ( kVp _ mAs ) _1000 }
    • EXAMPLE: Assume one desires to estimate the number exams available from an AMX 4+ used in a particular pediatric ward. It is determined that a typical exam for this case is comprised of:
      • Two 70 kVp, 0.8 mAs X−ray exposures including:
        • > 3 seconds of prep
        • > 15 seconds of field light
        • 1 minute of drive
        • 5 minutes of idle
      • Using the above formula we can estimate the number of exams as follows:
        • each EXAM uses { (5 idle minutes ) _ 3} + { (1 drive minutes ) _ 30} + 2 x [ { (15 _ 60 field light minutes ) _ 25} + { (3 _ 60 prep minutes ) _ 30} + { ( (70 kVp _ 0.8 mAs ) _ 1000 ) _ 2.17} ] = 60.7
        • therefore the total number of typical EXAMs available is: 4200 _ 60.7 = 69

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  • General Electric - AMX 700

    GE Definium AMX 700 Features

    The GE Definium AMX 700 is a self-contained battery driven, digital mobile radiographic system that operators from a rechargeable battery pack. The Definium AMX 700 is a portable digital X-ray system utilizes a cesium iodide single-piece detector that provides high image quality with significantly less dose to the patient. Images are processed within seconds, with an immediate review on the integrated monitor. Over 2,000 images can be stored on the Definium AMX 700 and can be easily transmitted to your hospital PACS for quick and easy review.

    • 270° column flexibility.
    • Easy maneuverability.
    • 15” touchscreen display.
    • Single-piece detector.
    • Instant distribution and access to patient data.
    • Over 2,000 image storage.
    • Rotating anode X-ray tube.
    • Networking connectivity - DICOM 3.0 and IHE compatible.


    GE Definium AMX 700 Specifications



    • Overall Width: 64.8 cm / 25.5 in (Includes front bumper)
    • Width at Midpoint: 64.1 cm / 25.25in
    • Overall Height 193 cm / 76 in
    • Tube Height: in 142.2 cm / 56 in (Transport look over)
    • Overall Length: 115.6 cm / 45.5 in (includes handle)
    • Length: Base 111.1 cm / 43.75 in
    • Length, Full Horizontal 213.4 cm / 84 in Arm Extension
    • Weight: Shipping (w/battery) 559 kg (1,230 lbs). Unit Weight w/o batteries 468 kg (980 lbs).

    Tube Positioning

    • Maximum Focal Spot: 201.2 cm / 79.2 in Height (standard)
    • Minimum Focal Spot: 62.4 cm / 24.6 in Height
    • Vertical Travel: 138.4 cm / 54.5 in
    • Maximum Horizontal: 107.6 cm / 42.4 in Extension
    • Minimum Horizontal 67.0 cm / 26.4 in Extension
    • Horizontal Travel 40.6 cm / 16.4 in

    Flat-Panel Digital Detector

    • Active image area 41 x 41 cm
    • Dimensions 59 cm (H) x 47 cm (W) x 2.7 cm (D)
    • Weight 5.9kg
    • Active Matrix 2048 x 2048 pixels
    • Image Depth 14 Bit
    • Pixel Pitch 200 microns
    • Dynamic Range .67 uR – 11 mR
    • Typical DQE 67% @ 0 lp

    Acquisition Workstation

    • 15 in touch screen monitor
    • Hard Disk Storage Images: 73 GB, stores >3200 typical
    • Fully Processed Image <15 seconds

    Image Display Tools

    • Window width and level
    • Grayscale invert
    • Interpolated zoom with roam
    • Image flips (horizontal, vertical)
    • Image Rotate - 90 degrees increments
    • Free rotation - 360 degree
    • L/R markers
    • Free text annotation
    • Manual shuttering


    • Unit is shipped with batteries fully charged.
    • Batteries are sealed lead-acid requiring no maintenance over normal expected life of greater than 3 years. Batteries are “minimal liquid”, film electrolyte technology that will not leak even if damaged.
    • Nine 12-volt packs connected in series (108 V nominal).
    • Runs both motor drive and X-ray from same pack.

    Battery Charging System

    • Unit designed to be charged in any corridor or room space with normal ventilation. Unit should not be charged in closets, etc., or in areas using isolated power, e.g., surgery. Charges in 3 hrs 45 minutes (minimum).
    • Charger operates in any keyswitch position (fast charge while system is OFF and slow charge while system is ON).
    • Charger status displayed on message readout.
    • Automatic battery voltage sensor protects batteries from deep-discharge and thereby prevents permanent battery damage.
    • Automatic battery status sensing with programmed overcharging protocol for maximizing battery life.
    • Charger cord provided with retraction into base. Hospital grade line plug fits standard wall receptacle.
    • Maximum line draw: 5 A, 110 VAC (2.5A, 220 VAC)
    • All units capable of charging from a 110 or 220 VAC nominal, 60 Hz or 50 Hz wall plug.

    Technical Control

    • The digital radiographic imaging system is available with a 12.5kW generator.
    • Closed loop kVp generator design using microprocessor regulation to assure constant and accurate kVp at all battery conditions.
    • mAs integrator measures actual mA to ensure accuracy, reproducibility and station-to-station linearity for all exposures.
    • Switches are dome-type push buttons undercover. Technique adjustment also available on touch screen monitor.
    • Handswitch controls the rotor prep, exposure, and remote field light.
    • ON/OFF removable key switch.
    • Audible tone: X-ray On.


    • kVp: 50 to 76 in 2 kVp steps 80 to 125 in 5 KVp steps
    • mAs: kVp range 50-90kV 0. 4 to 320 mAS, 95-105kV 0.4 to 250 mAs, 110-125 kV 0.44 to 200 mAs
    • Min exposure time 4ms
    • mA: 100 mA nominal

    X-ray Source

    • Tube GE model D2651P
    • Focal Spot 0.8 mm
    • Target Angle 14°
    • Rotating Anode 3 in; 3,000 rpm
    • Anode Heat Storage Capacity 140,000 HU

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  • Siemens - Arcadis Avantic

    Siemens ARCADIS Avantic Features

    The current ARCADIS generation takes you to a completely new level of clinical excellence. From image quality to operability, from versatility to efficiency, the innovative features of ARCADIS Avantic are aimed to set new benchmarks – with outstanding functionalities that make excellent imaging a snap and an overall ergonomic concept that will redefine your clinical workflow in many fields of practice. ARCADIS Avantic features large power reserves with a generator power of 25 kW, high tube currents of up to 250 mA, and high endurance through 2.57 MHU (Mega Heat Units) heat capacity.


    • Powerful performance
    • Precise Imaging with larger field of view
    • Easiest Operation
    • Improved Clinical Workflow
    • Maximum flexibility in data handling
    • Improved Serviceability and comprehensive maintenance options


    Siemens ARCADIS Avantic Specifications



    • Orbital Movement: 132° (- 42° to + 90°)
    • Angulation: ± 190°
    • Horizontal Movement: 20 cm (7.9”)
    • Immersion Depth: 73 cm (28.7”)
    • Swivel Range: ± 1:0°
    • Vertical Rravel: 38 cm (15”), motorized
    • Source-I.I. Distance: 100 cm (39.4”)
    • Free Space: 78 cm (30.7”)

    X-Ray Generator / Tube Unit

    POWERPHOS High-Frequency Generator

    • Power Output: 15 kW
    • Max. Pulsed Output: 25 kW
    • Inverter Control Frequency: 15 kHz to 35 kHz
    • kV Range: 40 kV to 125 kV
    • Digital Radiography: up to 250 mA
    • Fluoroscopy: 0.2 mA to 15.2 mA (max. 1000 watts)
    • Power Mode: enables temporary max. output in continuous fluoroscopy
    • Pulsed Fluoroscopy: up to 67 mA
    • Pulse Rate: up to 8 p/s, up to 15 p/s
    • DCM* (Digital Cine Mode): up to 250 mA
    • Minimum Pulse Width: 7 ms
    • Pulse Rate: up to 30 p/s
    • Heat Storage Capacity of POWERPHOS Housing: 1,900,000 J, 2,565,000 HU

    Single Tank WIth Dual-Focus Rotating-Anode Tube

    • Focal Spot Nominal Value: 0.3 / 0.5
    • Nominal Voltage: 125 kV
    • Heat Storage Capacity of Anode: 200,000 J, 270,000 HU
    • Optical Anode Angle: 10°
    • Inherent Filtratin: ≥ 2.5 mm Al; 0.1 mm Cu
    • Anode Drive: up to 10,800 RPM

    Collimator System

    • Iris Diaphragm: for concentric, radiation-free collimation
    • Semi-Transparent Slot Diaphragm: for symmetric, radiation-free collimation, with unlimited rotation

    Operating Data

    • Power requirements: 100 V, 110 V, 120 V, 127 V, 200 V, 230 V, 240 V (± 10%); 50/60 Hz (± 1 Hz)
    • Device fusing (internal): 100 V to 127 V 20 A slow-blow fuse 200 V to 240 V 15 A slow-blow fuse

    Environmental Conditions (Operating)

    • Temperature Range: + 15°C to + 35°C
    • Relative Humidity: 15% to 75%, non-condensing
    • Barometric Rressure: 700 hPa to 1060 hPaM


    • C-arm Chassis: 347 kg (765 lbs) (without accessories)
    • Trolley With Integrated UPS: 188 kg (415 lbs) (without accessories)

    Data Transfer and Documentation

    • Image storage: 60,000 images on hard disk in 1K2 matrix
    • WLAN: WLAN-Client module with Ethernet connection for wireless transmission of DICOM image data, e.g. to a PACS
    • DICOM Offline Media (CD/DVD):
      • For documenting images on CD/DVD in DICOM and bmp format
      • DICOM Viewer for viewing patient images on a PC can be written to CD/DVD
    • USB 2.0: Support for e.g. data exchange with external devices
    • External monitor connections:
      • Live monitor (L):
      • Video splitter output for connecting an external live monitor
      • Reference monitor (R):
      • Video splitter output for connecting an external reference monitor
      • VGA interface (splitter), 1 x 15 pin VGA (no galvanic separation)
    • Printer: Digital printers for printing on film or paper
    • HIPAA: Security and Privacy (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
    • Key switch:
      • X-ray release can be disabled with a key switch to prevent unauthorized use
      • When disabled, the system can still be used as a viewing station and for image processing

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  • Philips - Brilliance Big Bore 16 CT

    Philips Brilliance CT Big Bore Oncology configuration builds on its AcQsim single-slice CT scanner. The Big Bore Oncology configuration offers oncologists an 85-cm bore that addresses patient positioning concerns and reaps the reward of high-speed, superior spatial resolution, all while providing 16 x 0.75 isotropic imaging.

    Philips Brilliance Big Bore 16 Features:

    - 85cm bore size to accommodate patients in immobilization devices or with bulky patient monitoring devices.
    - 60cm true Scan Field of View (SFOV) to include all patient skin surface; no compromise when using the scan for radiation dose calculations.
    - 16-slice per revolution with 2.4cm coverage allows you to cover larger areas in the fastest time.
    - Oncology specific tools to increase throughput i.e. full length cursor, oncology protocols.
    - CT L.O.C. (Localization On the Console) increases workflow.*
    - Respiratory correlated gating with connectivity to third-party gating devices.*
    - Patient couch assembly to meet accuracy demands of oncology departments.

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  • Philips - Bv Pulsera

    Características del Philips BV Pulsera

    Philips BV Pulsera  es un sistema de imágenes de rayos X móvil de aplicaciones múltiples para los procedimientos de intervención más desafiantes en Cirugía General del Dolor, Cirugía Ortopédica, Vascular, Neurovascular y Cardíaca. BV Pulsera es un potente sistema de fluoroscopia con una cámara CCD de alta resolución, una calidad de imagen sobresaliente con baja dosis de rayos X, imágenes nítidas y claras y una potencia de penetración superior.

    Especificaciones del Philips BV Pulsera


    Paquetes Especiales Disponibles

    • Procesamiento extendido.
    • Funciones vasculares.
    • Funciones vasculares extendidas.
    • Funciones de pulso cardíaco.


    • 80 kHz de alta frecuencia.
    • 5 kW de onda completa.
    • Hasta 120 kVp.
    • Hasta 60 mA para exposiciones de películas radiográficas.
    • Modo de aumento continuo de flúor de hasta 20 mA.
    • Modo flúor pulsado
    • Modo de fluorografía pulsada hasta 60 mA.
    • Potencia total de salida:
      • 50 Hz o 60 Hz.
      • 100V-20A a 240V-10A.

    Tubo X-Ray

    • Tubo de rayos X de ánodo giratorio.
    • Puntos focales: 0.3 mm y 0.6 mm.
    • Capacidad calorífica del ánodo: 300,000 HU.
    • Velocidad de enfriamiento del ánodo: 70,000 HU / min.
    • Capacidad de calor de la vivienda: 1,900,000 HU.
    • Diámetro del ánodo: 2.8 in
    • Ángulo del ánodo: 10 °.


    • Colimación Iris con contraventanas de plomo opuestas dobles que permiten la colimación elíptica, redonda y rectangular.
    • Tamaño mínimo del haz <5 X 5 cm2.
    • Iris y persianas son continuamente variables.
    • Todas las funciones controladas de forma remota desde el panel de control del Arco en C.

    Modo de Fluoroscopia

    • Punto focal: 0.3 mm y 0.6 mm.
    • rango de kVp: 40 – 120 kVp.
    • Rango de mA: 0.2 – 20 mA continuo modo flúor de alta definición.
    • Modos automático y manual.
    • Operación continua o pulsada.
    • APF varía en mA, kVp y ganancia de cámara.
    • Tablas APF específicas del usuario.

    Modo de Fluoroscopia de Pulso

    • Half Dose Fluoroscopy.
    • Quarter Dose Fluoroscopy.
    • Focal spot: 0.6 mm.
    • kVp range: 40 – 120 kVp.
    • mA range: 0.4 – 12 mA.
    • Pulse rate: 6.25 or 12.5 pulses per second.
    • Pulse width: 11 to 37 milliseconds.
    • Computer controlled APF, mA, kVp and camera gain.

    Modo de Fluorografía con Pulso

    • Punto focal: 0.6 mm.
    • rango kVp: 40 – 110 kVp.
    • Rango de mA: hasta 60 mA.
    • Frecuencia de pulso: 3 a 30 pulsos por segundo. (Opcional)
    • Ancho de pulso: 8.0 / 9.5 / 11.1 milisegundos.
    • Cámara controlada por ordenador, iris, mA, kVp y ganancia de cámara.

    Modo de Exposición Digital

    • Punto focal: 0.6 mm.
    • Rango de kVp: 40 – 110 kVp.
    • Rango mA: 1.0 – 75 mA..

    Modo Radiográfico

    • Punto focal: 0.6 mm.
    • Rango de kVp: 40 – 120 kVp.
    • Se corrigió 60 mA.
    • 0.6 mm – rango de mAs: 3.2 – 125 mA.

    Sistema de Imágenes de Video

    • Intensificador de imagen de 9’’
      • Tri-mode 9 in / 7 in / 5 en intensificador de imagen
        • 9 pulgadas .: 1.6 lp / mm
        • 7 in .: 2,1 lp / mm
        • 5 in .: 2.9 lp / mm
      • DQE: 65% Tipico
    • • Intensificador de imagen de 12” (opcional)
      • Tri-mode 12 in / 9 in / 7 en intensificador de imagen
        • 12 in .: 1,2 lp / mm
        • 9 in .: 1,4 lp / mm
        • 7 in .: 2.0 lp / mm
      • DQE: 65% (typical)

    Cámara de video

    • Cámara CCD de alta resolución.
    • 525 líneas / cuadro.
    • Captura de fotograma completo
    • Rotación motorizada de 360 ??°
    • Inversión de imagen izquierda-derecha.
    • Inversión de la imagen en la parte superior inferior.
    • Modo negativo

    Monitores de Video

    • Doble 17 en alta resolución, antideslumbrante, antiestático.
    • Sensor de luz ambiente ambiental.
    • Indicador “ENCENDIDO” de Rayos X Multi-LED.

    Opciones de Copia Impresa

    • Impresora térmica. (Opcional)
    • DICOM. (Opcional)
    • Dispositivo de captura de imagen. (Opcional)
    • Dispositivo de puntería láser. (Opcional)

    + Cotizacion

  • Gendex - CB-500 3D





      CONE BEAM 3D

      Powered by i-CAT, the Gendex CB-500 captures anatomically accurate 3D cone beam x-ray images of critical patient anatomies without distortion or magnification. Cross-sectional slices provide clear views of desired locations within the maxilla or mandible.



      With its standard 8 x 8 cm cone beam dental scan, the Gendex CB-500 captures both arches in a single, ultra-fast scan. The 14 x 8 cm field of view captures the maxilla and both TM joints in Extended Diameter Scan (EDS) mode to assist with TMJ evaluation and airway analysis.



      Easily change from Standard (8 x 8 cm) cone beam dental field of view to Extended Diameter Scan (EDS) mode to widen the field of view up to 14 cm diameter by 8 cm in height.



      Simply check a box in the software to transform Gendex CB-500 into a standard 2D panoramic digital x-ray machine. The system's 2-in-1 functionality is a convenient benefit for practices that require both 2D and 3D cone beam dental imaging.



      The Gendex CB-500 cone beam system includes Anatomage software. This powerful program provides all the tools dentists and dental specialists need to diagnose and plan implants, restorations, surgical procedures, endodontics, orthodontics, TMJ, airway assessment, and more.



    • PANORAMIC MODALITY:Included/Low-Dose 2D
    • 3D MODALITY:Included/Medium FOV
    • 3D FIELD OF VIEW (IN CM):8x8, 14x8
    • ACTUAL DIMENSIONS:48"(W) x 53"(D) x 71"(H)

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  • Fuji - Clear View 1M CR Reader

    Fuji Clear View 1M CR Reader SM (FOR MAMMO)

    ClearView-CS and ClearView-1m For premium image quality, Fujifilm offers our exclusive dual side reading technology in both the ClearView-CS and the ClearView-1. ClearView systems feature higher DQE and clearer images with less noise. These advanced imaging systems also offer higher spatial resolution for better visualization of fine details. Also standard single side reading for routine general radiographic examinations is supported. 30-40% higher DQE over standard single side scanning 50 micron scanning for higher spatial resolution Potential dose reduction Ideal for pediatrics, extremity work - anywhere that seeing the details matters!

    DOM: 2010

    Multi Trays

    2) 18x24 Cassttes 

    2)24x30 Cassetts 

    Computer Work Station

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  • AGFA - CR 35-X

    Reader that features a small footprint and three different image resolution modes.

    CR 35-X is a highly versatile small footprint digitizer that is specially designed for decentralized CR environments.   
    CR 35-X is a multi-application digitizer, benefiting from three different image resolution...

    Read more


    2. General Radiology   
    3. Orthopaedics   
    4. Extremities   
    5. Mammography

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  • Philips - Digital Diagnost RadRoom

    Philips Digital Diagnost Rad Room with 2015 X-RAY TUBE

    DOM: 2006. 

    Overhead Tube Crane, Optimus 3-Phase 65kw HFQ Generator,

    2015 X-Ray Tube,

    4-Way Floating Elevating Table, Wall Bucky.

    Dual Fixed Detectors.

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  • General Electric - Digital Essential Mammography

    24x31cm Detector
    2010 X-ray Tube 
    Automatic Exposure 
    Acquisition Console / Lead Glass Shield 
    High Frequency Single-phase Power Supply 
    High Frequency Generator and Conditioner 
    Face Shield 
    Standard Paddle Set 


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  • Sedecal - Digital U-Arm

    2011 Dunlee tube
    Sedecal Floor mounted u-arm
    480v 3PH Generator 80Kv
    Flouting Table
    14x17 IDC Digital Imaging Plate
    Patient table

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  • Hologic - Discovery C Bone


    The Discovery A is sold with a standard package of scanning abilities that exceeds all of Hologic’s other bone density models. The Discovery A is the Swiss Army knife of the Hologic bone dense line. Tweezers, scissors, Philips and flat screwdrivers; the A has it all! The other models have some great tools, but the MacGyvers out there who need to be ready for any and all contingencies will want the Swiss Army knife for sure. At the same time, if your needs don’t require every tool imaginable, you probably see no reason to pay extra for them. If you won’t need whole body scanning, a Discovery Ci (sometimes called a P), C or SL could be a better fit. If your patient flow allows extra time for patient repositioning, there’s less incentive to buy a bone unit with supine lateral BMD. Whatever your bone study needs, weigh them carefully. Whether you ultimately opt for a basic unit or the top of the line, Block Imaging will be available to provide and support your Hologic Discovery bone densitometer needs.

    Hologic Discovery A Bone Densitometers gives you the following benefits:

    High Definition Digital DXA Detectors To improve fracture detection and to visualize abdominal aortic calcifications1.

    Speed and Image Quality Discovery imaging technology captures the hip and spine with as fast as 10-second regional scanning time.

    Superb Visualization1 The Discovery system’s exclusive design utilizes a high resolution detector array paired with true fan-beam linear acquisition geometry.

    Consistency from Exam to Exam The Discovery system performs continuous, automatic calibration, ensuring precise measurements results from exam to exam.

     Prosthetic hip
     Small animal
     Infant whole body
     Body composition analysis
     Sub-region body composition analysis

    The Hologic Discovery A Bone Densitometers provides you with with the following Specification:

    • Radiological Vertebral Assessment
    • Forearm, Dual Hip
    • 10 Second Femur
    • 10 Second Lumbar
    • IVA
    • Linear X-Ray Fan Beam Utilizing Motorized Table and C-Arm
    • Computer Worktable with PC, Monitor
    • Printer
    • CD-RW Drive
    • Network Ready

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  • Siemens - Emotion 16 slice

    2005 Siemens Emotion 16 slice CT with

    2012 Dura 422 Tube with 419K SS

    Sostware Level: BV42B

    Complete system

    Professionally Deinstalled located in our Miami Warehouse.

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  • Fuji - Go Digital Portable X Ray

    The FDA cleared Fuji’s newest CR system, the FCR GO portable digital X-ray system, designed to provide remote users with all of the same functionality and image processing features available at the fixed technologist workstation and FCR digital X-ray cassette reader in the imaging department.
    All of the image optimization and advanced image processing features of Fuji’s Flash IIP are available at the portable console, allowing for comprehensive image adjustment to be completed remotely, and images can be sent directly to PACS without additional intervention at another workstation.
    Because the system accommodates wireless communication or hardwire connection to a facility’s network, the patient worklist is always available from the RIS/HIS and images can be transmitted to PACS immediately following study completion for quicker interpretation.

    Improve Efficiency of Portables: With image availability in as little as 23 seconds and wireless communication for updates to the patient worklist from the RIS/HIS, the FCR Go allows technologists to work faster to preview images immediately at the patient bedside. 

    Produce Outstanding Image Quality: All of Fujifilm’s sophisticated image optimization and advanced image processing features of Fujifilm’s Flash IIP are available at the built-in portable console. So technologists have all the tools they need to produce the highest quality images with a consistent look and feel to other FCR and FDR images in the enterprise. 

    Flexibility: The same Imaging Plates (IPs) and cassettes used with other FCR systems are compatible with FCR Go. And those lightweight and durable cassettes can be used in nearly every imaging environment – including the operating room. Accepts all standard sizes from 8”x10” through 14”x17” plus there are no tethered cables to interfere with positioning. FCR IPs and cassettes also present a significantly less expensive replacement cost versus FPDs (flat panel detectors), for a lower cost of ownership.


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  • MinXRay - HF70D

    Listing is for a One (1) New, MINXRAY HF70D Portable Dental X-Ray Unit (HF70DUL Type A). 
    This MINXRAY unit came from a government facility (military) and is new condition.  All items appear unused.  System was powered on and tested for one x-ray exposure (see photos).   We are unable to conduct any further testing.  However, this unit comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.  Listing includes everything pictured and nothing else.
    MINXRAY HF70D Dental X-Ray Unit (MFG July 2004)
     Exposure Switch with Cord 
    X-Ray Apparatus: Model BL70A (July 2004) 
    Dental Back Scatter Shield 
    Power Cord 
    ASEPTICO  Inc. Tripod (Model: ARU-HF70D)
     MINXRAY HF70D Service Guide Levels I and II (Version 2.0) 
    Users Manual 
    Inspection / Calibration Paperwork (June 2011) 
    Heavy Duty Carrying Case. 

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  • iCRco. - icr3600

    The iCR3600 gets the job done. Introducing our flagship system – a rugged, dependable, single-plate scanner designed to go where other digital systems cannot. proven solution, the iCR3600 has earned global acclaim from clinics, hospitals, emergency response services, the military, mobile facilities, and non-destructive testing users for its image quality and reliability.


    Physicians that require a dependable imaging system can now achieve amazing workflow at a much lower cost than comparable computed radiography solutions.

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  • Medrad - Injector Mark V

    Medrad Mark V ProVis Features

    Mark V ProVis is the latest in the series of microprocessor-controlled Angiographic Injection Systems from MEDRAD. While featuring the same reliability, safety, ease of use and performance of its predecessor, the Mark V Plus, the Mark V ProVis adds a selection of enhanced features. The integrated pedestal configuration now includes a rotating, tilting control panel and articulating arm for increased ease of use. The Mark V ProVis also features MEDRAD's exclusive mechanical stop that automatically sets and locks to physically limit an injection to the selected volume.


    • Height adjustable arm for ease in loading syringes
    • Rotating, tilting control panel is easy to see and read from almost any position in the room
    • Multiple syringe configurations (60/150 ml - 150/150 ml - 200/200 ml) help to match the right syringe size with the patient and procedure
    • Floor, ceiling or wall mount options add flexibility
    • Segmented control panel is easy to learn and operate
    • “One Touch” enable button and variable speed control for fast loading and easy delivery


    Medrad Mark V ProVis Specifications



    • Single Use (Syringes): Yes
    • Type (Configuration): Angiographic
    • Power, VAC (Synchronization): 100-240
    • X-Ray Generator (Power Needed, VAC): Yes
    • Dimensions (HXWXD) CM, (IN): 27 x 48 x 32 (10.5 x 19 x 12.6)
    • Weight, kg (lb): 20.4 (45)
    • Flow Capabilities mL/Sec: 0.3-50; 1-59 mL/min, 10-59 mL/hr
    • Capacity Range, mL: 1-60, 1-150, 1-200
    • Range, bar (psi) (Output Pressure): 6-82 (100-1,200)
    • Drive system (Configuration): Electromechanical

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  • General Electric - Lightspeed 16 PRO

    GE Lightspeed 16 PRO Slice CT Scanner 

    DOM: 2004

    2016 Dunlee Tube Type Reevo240G 

    21 Mil mAs

    Extreme console 

    Permanent Options:

    Direct-MPR, Power 440, Samart Speed, 90KVA, 3000 Image Series, AutomA, Smart Prep, Direct-3D,

    Patient-16-Slice, Helical Tilt.

    Professionally Deinstalled 

    Located in our Miami warehouse.

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  • General Electric - LightSpeed QX/I

    2000 GE LightSpeed QX/I CT Scanner with H1 Gantry

    Performix Tube last replaced November 2012

    ONLY Tube has approx. 4.6mAs

    Extreame Console

    Software Licenses Included: 

    Smart Prep 

    3000 Image Series 

    Helical Tilt 

    Thin Twin Helical 



    Tube 6_3MHU 



    Connect Pro 

     Professional DE installed 

    Located in Miami warehouse.

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  • Hologic - Lorad Selenia 2D Digital Mammography

    DOM: 2007


    Acquisition Console

    2 D

    Lead glass shield

    X-Ray Tube

    Face Shield

    24x30 Digital Detector (2014)

    Dual Function Footswitches (2)

    Standard Set of Compression Paddles


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  • General Electric - Lunar Prodigy Bone

    Loaded system with Total Body, Body Composition, AP Spine, Femur, LVA, APVA, Forearm, Dual Femur, Lateral BMD, CAD, AHA, HL7, Physician’s Report, Practice Mgt, OneScan, OneVision. In-Stock.

    Prodigy delivers with exceptional precision and low-dose radiation. You can depend on Prodigy to provide precise data on soft tissue and bone composition, including bone-mineral density (BMD), lean- and fat-tissue mass, and percentage of fat.  At the same time, Prodigy streamlines your patient care and practice workflow.

    • Automated scan and analysis features, including:
      • Supine Forearm: Performs supine-forearm scans without patient repositioning
      • OneScan: Performs AP Spine and DualFemur exams without requiring patient repositioning between scans
      • Previous Scan Image: Displays the image from an earlier assessment as the new image is acquired
    • Full suite of efficient data-management tools, including:
      • Composer: Customizable, automated reporting to help manage patient care
      • Multi-User Database: Allows multiple workstations to access DXA scan files simultaneously; allows multiple GE bone densitometers to acquire and save scan files to a common database; and allows remote analysis and reporting via network.
      • Batch Output: Expands reporting capability by outputting multiple exams, whether printed or sent to DICOM
      • Database Export: Expands data exporting options to include tab-delimited files (i.e. Excel)

    See a missing Specification? Want to make a correction? Add it now

    Size 242 x 103 x 128 cm
    Weight 272 kg (full)
    Detector Technology Nal PM tube detector / High pulse rate
    Magnification None
    Power Supply Voltage 230/240 VAC +-10%, 10A, 50/60 Hz
    Scanning Method DXA Pencil Beam technology with SmartScan algorithm

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  • Siemens - mammomat novation

    • Mammography line pair phantom (2-10 lp/mm) • 3 x 20 mm plexi (PMMA) phantom (10x10 cm) • Test phantom (RMI m odel 156 or Nuclear Associates m odel 18-220) • One collimator mounted plexi (4 cm thick) absorber • Three plexi (PM M A) absorbers, each with a thickness of 20 mm • Lint free non-woven cotton or gauze (100% cotton) • Water or lukewarm dilut ed aqueous solution of household dishwashing liquid • Luminance/Illumin a n c e meter • Densitometer • A non-invasive digital kV meter • Dose meter calibrated at the mammography X-ray beam energies • Film or CR cassette 24x30 cm or larger • Magnification table • Compression plate (set for a 1.5 magni ficati on) • Compression plate simulator* • 2 mm steel plate (FD object table si z e) • 2 mm thick steel bars (approx. 3 x 10 cm) • Six sheets of 99.9% pure aluminum • Four coins • Four paper clips • Timer • Rul er with a mm s cal e

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  • Siemens - Mobilett Plus HP

    X-ray generator and controls Mains voltage: 100 – 130 V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz,

    fuse 15 A 200 – 240 V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz, fuse 10 A

    Batteries: 16 sealed maintenance free lead batteries 20 000 mAs usable battery power storage Automatic battery charging with charge indicator Mains operation with reduced output

    Output: 30 kW at 96 kV 10 ms 20 kW at 102 kV 100 ms (acc. to IEC 601-2-7/1987) 133 kV (maximum) 450 mA (maximum) kVp-range: 40 – 133 kV in 25 steps Accuracy: < ± 3 kV (40 – 60 kV) < ± 5% (60 – 133 kV)

    mAs-range: 0,5 – 360 mAs / 40 – 50 kV 0,5 – 320 mAs / 52 – 73 kV 0,5 – 280 mAs / 77 – 90 kV 0,5 – 25 mAs / 96 kV 0,5 – 16 mAs / 125 kV 0,5 – 12,5 mAs / 133 kV mAs accuracy: ≤ 1 mAs < ± 10% > 1 mAs < ± 5% Shortest exposure time: 1 ms Max. exposure time: 4.0 s Length of power cord: 6 m automatic retractable cord Tube housing assembly X-ray tube:

    Siemens P135/30 R with nominal focal spot value 0.8 (acc. to IEC 336) Anode rotation: 8,500 r.p.m., 150 Hz (anode angle 15°) Anode heat storage capacity: 90 000 J = 122 000 HU Tube housing capacity: 800 000 J = 1 100 000 HU Inherent filtration totally: Min. 3.8 mm Al according to IEC 522/1976

    Collimator: Manually-adjustable multi-leaf collimator, rotatable ± 90° Collimator light and light field intensity: Halogen lamp min. 180 lux at 1 m SID Tube housing assembly: Maximum temperature 60°C, maximum 2000 mAs/h, nominal continuous rating 75 W until the covers reach 60° Motordrive Drive speed Low/high, adjustable 0,5 – 1 m/s Max. incline 7° Weight 285 kg (628 lbs) Dimensions Footprint (l x w x h) 104 X 56,4 X 157 cm (41 X 22 X 61,8 inch) (tube in park position)

    Tube positioning Maximum focal spot height 2145 mm (84,4 inch) Minimum focal spot height 470 mm (18,5 inch) Maximum horizontal extension 1280 mm (50,4 inch) Minimum horizontal extension 316 mm (12,4 inch)

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  • Philips - Mx8000 2 Slice CT

    Philips Mx8000 2 Slice CT Scanner

    DOM: 2003

    Tube DOM: 2014 Dunlee S532B

    Complete System without the hardrives

    Located in our Miami warehouse.

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  • General Electric - OEC 9600

    Digital, Dual 1Kx1K Monitors Right Touch Screen , Tri-Mode 9"/6"/4.5" Image Intensifier , 200 Image Storage, LIH-Last Image Hold Fluoro Boost, CCD Camera , GSP-General Surgical Package , Sharpen Function , Gamma Correction , Frame Averaging , Edge Enhancement, Digital Windowing , MARS-Motion Artifact Reduction , One Shot Frame Integration , Patient Annotation Keyboard , Foot Pedal ,  

    Hand Switch & DICOM. 

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  • General Electric - Óptima XR200AMX

    GE Optima XR200amx Features

    Compared to its predecessors, the Optima XR220amx is smaller for easy maneuverability. More powerful for quality imaging. Fully integrated for reliable digital workflow. With more storage. And better ergonomics.


    • Wireless connectivity from detector to system (Wireless option Not available in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Israel, Malaysia, Bahrain ,India, South Africa due to local regulations. – Systems in these countries will be delivered in a “Tether Only” configuration)
    • FlashPad* Lightweight detector designed for mobile use, weighs less than 4.5 kg (10 lbs.) including battery
    • “Stand-by” mode eliminates boot up cycles and allows exposure within 25 seconds
    • Designed for 24/7 availability. Use with battery or make and process exposures while the unit is charging
    • Detector battery charges automatically while the detector is in the bin
    • Automatic charging algorithms allow the system to be re-charged even if batteries are not fully drained
    • 15kW (nominal) generator and available 30kW (nominal) option
    • Optimized GUI – Technique, image acquisition and display tools in a single integrated user interface
    • Commonly used tools pallet available in all image processing screens
    • DAP meter is included
    • Dose Reports can be downloaded from the system.
    • System can be used without the detector for manual film or CR exposures
    • The detector can be used in additional wireless enabled GE radiographic systems: please refer to the current literature for system compatibility

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  • Philips - Optimus Digital Diagnost

    Philips Optimus Digital Diagnost Rad Room with Dual Detectors
    DOM: 2008
    2011 Dunlee ROT360 Xray Tube 
    Optimus 65kW Generator
    Bucky Diagnost VS Digital TILT (left)
    Digital Diagnost TH2 Elevating 4-way Float Table
    Bucky Diagnost CS (OTC)
    Digital Diagnost Workstation
    w/ LCD Monitor, CPU and UPS

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  • Sirona - Orthophos XG 3D

    Sirona XG 3D CBCT Digital Dental Cone Beam Panoramic X-ray Unit Model D3352 with rear cabinet. The machine was manufactured in November of 2011 and was purchased new in December of 2011. The 3D upgrade kit was installed on the machine in February of 2012. The machine is currently working in the office environment shown in the photos and the Patterson service agreement is current through 2021. The doctor is retiring and therefore liquidating his equipment. Please take a moment to review the photos contained in the image gallery at the top of the page. If you have any specific questions regarding the machine, feel free to contact us through ebay messages. Upon completion of the sale, it will be professionally de-installed and either custom crated...or shipped using a white glove van lines service. 

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  • gender - orthoralix 9000


    Orthoralix 9000

    X-ray generator (POWER NEEDED, VAC)  
    Type (CONFIGURATION) Constant potential, 50 kHz
    Ma range (IMAGING SYSTEM) 10-6
    Kv range (X-RAY GENERATOR) 60-80, 2 kV steps
    SID, mm (X-RAY GENERATOR) 505
    SYSTEM TYPE (SCAN DISPLAY) Digital panoramic system
    ADDITIONAL OPTIONS (X-RAY GENERATOR) Cephalostat for TMJ, Transcan program for implants, maxillofacial kit with 6 programs
    OPERATING CONSOLE (X-RAY GENERATOR) Flat control panel, microprocessor controlled with alphanumeric display of error messages
    Location (COMPOSITION) Right side of unit
    FILM SIZES (X-RAY GENERATOR) 15 x 30 cm panoramic; 8 x 10", 18 x 24 cm cephalometric
    PATIENT POSITIONING (X-RAY GENERATOR) Triple light beam, rotation arm displacement, digital display, motorized headrest
    Current, a 20 @ 120 VAC, 12 @ 230 VAC
    Vac; hz (POWER NEEDED) 120/230; 50/60
    SPACE NEEDED, CM (X-RAY GENERATOR) 127 x 98 x 228
    SYSTEM WEIGHT, kg 195
    Max. heat, hu (X-RAY TUBE ANODE) 25000
    Focal spot size, mm (X-RAY TUBE) 0.5 (IEC 336/1982)
    Type (CONFIGURATION) Cylindrical
    Minimum total filtration, mm al (X-RAY TUBE ANODE) 2.5 (Al equivalent)
    FDA CLEARANCE (Interference compensation) Yes
    CE MARK (MDD) (Interference compensation) Yes
    MARKETING REGION (Interference compensation) Worldwide

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  • Philips - PCR Eleva CR Reader


    Procesamiento de imagen UNIQUE para excelente calidad de imagen

    El Mejoramiento Unificado de Calidad de la Imagen (UNIQUE, por sus siglas en inglés para Unified Image Quality Enhancement) es una tecnología de procesamiento de imagen multiresolución para todas las radiografías computarizadas y sistemas de radiografías digitales Philips. Esta tecnología exclusiva proporciona automáticamente imágenes digitales de rayos X de estándar alto uniforme al optimizar áreas de densidad y contraste variable. Se puede configurar la pantalla de imagen UNIQUE a su preferencia individual. 

    El concepto Eleva para un flujo de trabajo conveniente

    Para proporcionar un flujo de trabajo más conveniente y eficiente, todos nuestros sistemas de radiografía digital se benefician del concepto Eleva. La interfaz de usuario intuitiva es idéntica entre modalidades, lo que lo hace fácil de utilizar para muchas personas. El flujo de trabajo automático, preprogramado, de un toque, da resultados rápidos y una calidad de imagen consistente. Y, por supuesto, viene con estándares IT y de seguridad de última tecnología. Sencillo de operar y fácil de aprender. 

    El sistema versátil soporta una amplia gama de aplicaciones

    Se puede utilizar Eleva S Plus PCR para una amplia gama de aplicaciones. Proporciona técnicas de libre exposición y transmisiones de imagen rápidas en unidades de cuidado intensivo. En los departamentos de trauma, donde cada segundo cuenta, S Plus ofrece un funcionamiento rápido y simple y la habilidad de visualizar imágenes en segundos para llegar a hallazgos iniciales. Para ortopedia, le ofrece formatos de imagen largos. En rayos X generales, brilla con una amplia gama de proyecciones y requisitos de diagnóstico. Eleva S Plus PCR también es compatible con aplicaciones dentales.

    Casetes de aplicación especiales para imágenes de alta calidad en todas las situaciones

    El Eleva S Plus PCR de Philips es compatible con una amplia gama de casetes para radiografía general y aplicaciones especiales como ortopedia.­ También ofrecemos casetes largos, de 24 cm x 57 cm (10'' a 23'') a 35 cm x 124 cm (14'' x 43'') que contienen dos o tres placas de imaginología. Esto proporciona excelente calidad de imagen en una amplia gama de situaciones. 

    Múltiples opciones de red para intercambio y comunicación

    PCR Eleva viene con conexión RIS, diferentes funciones DICOM y acceso PACS opcional. Esto le ayuda a imprimir y compartir imágenes fácilmente, actualizar y comunicar listas de trabajo y acceder a exámenes anteriores.

    La configuración de un lector por habitación minimiza la distancia de caminata

    En esta configuración, cada sistema Eleva S Plus PCR está conectado a un punto de trabajo Eleva. Esto le da a cada habitación de radiografía digital una funcionalidad directa y completa. La configuración de lector-por-habitación minimiza la distancia de caminata y proporciona máximo rendimiento del departamento con un lector especializado por habitación digital de rayos X. 

    Configuración agrupada para una funcionalidad completa en cada sala de rayos X

    Usted puede agrupar sus lectores de PCR de tal manera que se puedan utilizar desde cada punto de trabajo en el grupo. Se mostrarán las imágenes clínicas en el punto de trabajo Eleva que inicia el examen, y todos los otros lectores pueden servir como lecturas o respaldos alternos, lo que ofrece mayor flexibilidad y eficiencia.

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  • Konica - Regius


    Succeeding the "Ultimate Resource Sharing System" concept introduced in REGIUS MODEL 170, the new REGIUS MODEL 190 features a new 43.75μm read function for mammography, the finest in the world. 
    The REGIUS Console has also been enhanced with new functions to provide more powerful tools. 
    Introducing the New REGIUS, even easier to use?even more refined.

    Utilizing a unique dual bay design?the high speed reader of REGIUS Model 190 processes up to 90 plates per hour for maximum performance. This next generation reader radically improves workflow all within a mere 58×58 cm footprint.

    Konica Regius 190

    DOM: 2007

    2) 10x12 Cassttes 

    2)14X17 Cassetts 

    Computer Work Station

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  • Konica - Regius 110


    The REGIUS Model 110 is a high performance single bay CR system that can process up to 76 plates per hour (14"x17"). 
    A touch screen control station provides intuitive software tools for easy operation. 
    Compact size and space saving design highlight the REGIUS Model 110.

    The Regius Model 110 allows for easy operation with the simple installation of an exposed cassette. The height of the cassette slot is 710 mm.

    Easy cassette installation is achieved. 
    Continue to use existing cassettes for the Regius 170/190 as exposure cassettes.

    * Only cassette & plate which was produced after April, 2004 can be used.The Regius Model 110 delivers processing performance of 76 sheets/hour, achieving a high-speed processing cycle of 47 seconds/plate. 
    This is the smallest, top-of-the-line Regius model with both compact design and high performance.

    Konica Regius 110

    DOM: 2011

    2) 10x12 Cassttes 

    2)14X17 Cassetts 

    Computer Work Station

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  • Hologic - Selenia Dimension


    Streamlining workflow, the Selenia Dimensions system performs the imaging of tomorrow, today. All configurations offer the following features.

    High-resolution display:

    • Images that can be instantly viewed on a 2MP or 3MP DICOM-calibrated display, providing exceptionally fine detail.
    • Allows prior breast imaging studies to be recalled, making it possible to view new and prior images side-by-side.

    Optimized face shield:

    • Retractable to help when positioning patients.
    • Stationary during 3D™ imaging, allowing patients to be positioned as they are for 2D imaging.

    FAST Paddle™ system:

    • Conforms to natural contours of the breast, providing greater comfort to the patient and more even compression across the entire breast.
    • All paddles used for 2D and 3D™ imaging.

    Streamlined tube head:

    • Streamlined tube head and ample source-to-image distance (SID) of 70 cm, making positioning easier and providing more space for interventional procedures.

    Multiple procedure modes:

    • 2D mammography
    • Genius™ 3D Mammography™ exam
    • Low Dose Genius™ 3D Mammography™ exam
    • 3D Mammography™ only
    • 2D or 3D™ biopsy with the Affirm® breast biopsy guidance system
    • I-View™ software for contrast enhanced 2D imaging

    Each system is capable of interventional procedures using the Affirm breast biopsy guidance system. The system offers both stereotactic and 3D™ biopsy procedure options.*

    *Additional purchase may be required.

    **Better detection and clinical superiority claims are in comparison to 2D mammography alone.

    • Digital Mammography

    • Spot

    • Magnification

    • Breast implant

    • QC test integrated

    • Upright biopsy*

    • Tomosynthesis*

    • CAD*

    • Contrast enhancement*


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  • Genoray - Zen-7000

    ZEN-7000, New Standard of C-Arm

    ZEN-7000 is Alternative, Affordable, Brand New C-Arm that competes with New OEC 9900 in terms of quality and features at fraction of the cost!

    We strive to provide our customers with Best Valued product in the market and our exclusive product, ZEN-7000 allows us to do just that.

    The ZEN-7000 by Genoray is the alternative solution to those who want a newer, more robust C-Arm without having to pay a high premium. The ZEN-7000 comes standard with 30FPS video recording, complete digital system with windows database system, dual 19” flat screen monitor with excellent image quality, and much more!

    All ZEN C-Arms are supported by multiple service centers throughout the United States, with all available parts and expert engineers located in California. We have the experts to keep your machine up and running. Should you ever have an issue, we are only a phone call away.

    The ZEN-7000 will also meet your specialty needs with its inclusive standard features and optional 12” I.I. and full vascular package including Digital Subtraction Angiography and Road-Mapping with 30FPS.

    It’s time for you to get what you really want. Choose a C-Arm that keeps up with your demand and technology’s advances.

    Find out why Genoray is #5 C-Arm company in the world & experience the Best Value in the market!

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