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Especialidad: Laboratorio - Equipos Medicos - Top Medical Group

Equipos Medicos

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  • Stat fax - 1904

    Stat Fax 1904+ Chemistry Analyzer is easy to use with step-by-step prompting and on-board graphics printer. It has large non-volatile memory to store approximately 60 user programs. By using 1904 Plus Chemistry Analyzer along with Mosquito flow cell accessory, you can read volumes as small as 250 microliters. It consist of bichromatic optical system with six wavelengths (Six filters standard) including 340nm, pre-programmed calculation facility for both kinetic and endpoint assays and twelve-station 37°C incubation block and temperature controlled read cell. 




    - Bichromatic optics. 

    - Six filters standard. 

    - Cuvette size is 12mm x 75mm. 

    - Performs both endpoint and kinetic assays. 

    - CE certified. 

    - Stat Fax readers use IAD filters.

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  • Olympus - Cx31

    The CX31 fixed specification binocular biological microscope is ideal for teaching and routine applications. All main controls are located close together, enabling operation with minimal movements.


    The CX31 offers improved all around performance and greater cost efficiency. It is ergonomically designed with low positioned coarse & fine focusing controls and convenient hand grips at the front and back. The ergonomic binocular head is inclined 30° for comfort viewing and has an interpupillary distance adjustment range from 48 – 75mm. A quadruple inward fit nosepiece with newly developed infinity corrected Plan C Achromatic 4x, 10x, 40x and 100x objectives are included in this setup. A precise graduated mechanical stage is standard (76 mm X direction and 50 mm Y direction movement). The Abbe Condenser is 1.25 N.A, centerable and includes a blue filter. Illumination is built in with a 6v 30w halogen Koehler system. This system is ideal for educational and medical applications.

    Style Binocular
    Eyepiece 10X Widefield
    Nosepiece Quadruple
    Focusing Coaxial coarse & fine adjustment mechanisms
    Stage Mechanical stage
    Objectives Olympus PlanC 4x, 10 x, 40x, 100x
    Substage Abbe 1.25 N.A. with rack & pinion
    Light Source Variable 6v 30w Halogen
    Warranty One Year

    Ease of use is further enhanced by the integrated Abbe condenser, which increases the visibility and contrast of the specimen under different magnifications without time-consuming adjustments. Olympus UIS2 objectives ensure bright, clear observation images with excellent flatness and Olympus digital cameras can be easily adapted for efficient digital imaging and documentation.


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  • Reichert - Microstar IV


    This microscope is in like new condition and features All Plan Achromatic Objectives. This is a clinical grade laboratory microscope. Original list price in excess of $4,000+, Priced to sell. Ideal for medical use.

    Made is USA. Circa 1960s/1970s.

    Style Inclined Binocular
    Eyepiece Widefield 10x
    Nosepiece Quintuplet
    Focusing Coaxial coarse & fine adjustment
    Stage Graduated mechanical stage
    Objectives 10x, 40x, 100x Plan Achromatic
    Substage Abbe Condenser N.A. 0.90 Achro with rack & pinion
    Light Source Built in 6v 20w Halogen with Variable Light Intensity
    Warranty One Year

    PLEASE NOTE: The microscopes pictured are a representation of our selection and may not be the exact one ordered, however in most cases they will be the microscope pictured. If not, they will be as identical as possible.

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  • Hettich - Universal 32

    Hettich Universal 32


    The sedimentation of cells, bacteria and yeasts, of DNA, RNA and protein precipitates is workaday routine in basic research and R&D laboratories of the pharmaceutical and biotechnical industry.

    A centrifuge, therefore, sometimes needs to be "simply universal."

    Universal 32 means perfectly smooth running at both high and low speeds, versatile and easily exchangeable accessories and little footprint.

    Universal 32 and 32R centrifuges are basic equipment in every laboratory.

    In the low speed range (max. RCF 4,193) the Universal 32accommodates standard tubes up to a volume of 100 ml, microtitre plates, Falcon tubes, blood collection systems and cyto accessories.

    Microlitre/microcentrifuge tubes can be accelerated to a max RCF of 23,907.

    Centrifuge tubes of higher volumes (up to 85 ml) also profit from the extraordinary motor power of the Universal 32: At an RCF of 9,418 with 50ml conical disposable labware, bacteria and yeasts sediment fast and easily



    Typical capacities 

    20 x Blood tube 4-7mm (13mm)

    16 x Blood tube 7-10ml (16mm)

    16 x Conical 15ml

    4 x Conical 50ml


    Not currently available

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